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Discussion in 'Special Ed 101' started by susiestar, Mar 2, 2008.

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    thank you has a 504. It has a mention that he may have more than the 10 absences the school allows. Excused or unexcused, he sometimes just cannot cope. Especially with 27 kids in his 2nd grade class, and 3 of them NEED 1:1 aides and NONE of them have any aides.

    It is a really hot, rowdy class. I think his teacher is awesome, we have had a good rapport with her. But on days he can't cope he shakes and needs to do sensory stuff most of the day to calm himself. We do extra brushing, he rolls himself up in his "crash pad" (twin sheets sewn together and stuffed with pillows and blankets). Or sits upside down on the sofa and reads. It is NOT a play day, it is hard work for him.

    I just got 2 letters saying he will not be allowed to pass 2nd grade based on his absences.

    I have called and left messages for the principal and counsellor. The 504 says he does not need any doctor's notes, simply my word that he is "sick" - their word to keep everything straight.

    We just had a horrible virus, has taken 3-4 WEEKS to get over. Last week he missed 3 days, was bouncy in the evenings for about 1 hour, otherwise he slept all day or had chills and fever. doctor doesn't do anything for this, so we didn't go.

    Now they want notes for ALL the days.

    What should my response be? A copy of the 504 and a written note saying that he was home, either sick or unable to cope?

    I am just frustrated, I guess. He is the top student in his class except for his problems keeping organized. But his papers are usually 90% to 100%. ALL of them. So he is getting the work done and the concepts.

    Thanks for any advice.

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    Most, if not all states have a certain number of days the student must attend or they fail. The 504 circumvented this, but it's pretty vague terminology based on what you've written.

    Are they asking for a written excuse for the days he's been absent this year? If so, I'd write the excuses as appropriate: anxiety, Sensory Integration Disorder (SID), ill, etc.
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    Good idea. The form letter sent out asked for one. The school principal (who is the person I need to talk to on this) has not been in - same virus the rest of us have.

    I will write out the list, then let them do what they will.