auditory processing disorder


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OK well, now I am going to appear to be a giant fool......
My sons first neuropsychologist evaluation had in one little spot that he had audotiry processing disorder.
SO did his very first IEP. But there was always SO much going never um..really jumped out. And none of the professionals ever took this "little" peice of information and did anything with it.
So today I stumbled quite by accident onto this, I had forgotten all about that "little phrase" so many years ago......

and now? I am blown away by this.

My son has been struggling and being disciplined and punished all this time, and his school and his docs have had this peice of information all along.....

yeesh. I had forgotten all about this being on his neuropsychologist reports.....

Yeesh, my son must think very strange things about me, all his teachers, and half the world, between all his issues and everything.....gosh I can just imagine he might think the rest of the world hears things and sees things and demands things of him based on things that he might think must be in OUR imagination!
And even still, he treats all of us with respect and kindness even tho I cannot imagine how he can really give us much credibility.

THis site really helped me figure out just what those darned "little" words meant that all his docs and teachers all dismissed so casually.

Between all my sons issues, I am totally amazed he gives any of the rest of us the time of day at all! Or that he can read, spell or learn what he HAS mastered thus far.


Auditory Processing Disorders (APD) is complex.

There are Auditory Processing Disorder threads in the archives.


I don't recall if there is a similuation listed on the urls above, but this one is verbal and explains a lot about what an Auditory Processing Disorders (APD) child could be hearing.