AUTISM......................Oprah show August 2nd


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For parent's of autisim children, did you see Oprah today?

It was all on autism. Interesting. SAD. VERY SAD.

You can get in on Oprahs message boards if you view her sight of Aug. 2nd and post to/from other parent's from around the world on or about AUTISM.


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Thanks for the info. I'll have a look, they might give an indication when the show will be on in Australia. We can get stuff same day as you guys, or delayed by several years - no way of telling.

Chances are, you've just given me advance warning! Thanks!



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If it's sad, then it's probably very low functioning autism. Autism is one diagnosis that offers hope :smile: I'll have to see it.


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If this is a repeat of the Oprah show that aired in April (looks like it is from what I can tell on her website), it has that awful woman who appears in the "Autism Speaks" video in which says that she would like to murder her autistic daughter but refrains from doing so because her "normal" child needs her. I get pretty irked about all the sensationalist media that portrays autism via imagies of distraught, tearful unkempt mothers who say things like "It is like me child was kidnapped by aliens and replaced with this empty, souless shell," etc. Frankly, I think that parents that exhibit their autistic kids on TV while whining about how awful their lives are are the empty, souless shells. Ok. Off my soapbox now...