Autism Treatment...need ideas


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I am going to try and make this short. We are looking at a possible aspergers/functional autism diagnosis for my difficult child. The DR has already told us that insurance doesn't cover treatment and that it is going to cost $75,000! I have no idea where we are going to get this kind of money. Does anyone have any ideas or thoughts for me to explore? I would greatly appreciate any advice that could be given.


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See if you have a 211 site in your area and look for an autism center. Also, you can call the nearest university medical center and ask them about autism centers.


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it is true that most insurance does not cover Asperger's/autism as they are considered developmental disabilities, not true medical diagnoses. I would also recommend you look into your local school system. There is now now a federal law no child left behind, that mandates the school systems to actually seek out children with disabilities and provide evaluations and therapies once a child is three. The idea of a university setting is also excellent. BLUE


Sorry I've been away. I've been down this road. Presumably you have been recommended to do an at home ABA program. Mine is 9 now so I've been doing all kinds of therapy for 7 years now. Have to tell you that for a high functioning kid I'm not convinced that advice is best. Certainly when it's going to banktrupt the family it's not at all.

At age 3 your child qualifies for a school autism program funded by your local SD. It should be a full day program. It is my experience that a good full day program is better than a home program. But note that I said GOOD program. My advice would be to put your effort into finding the best program in your area. I vaguely recall that a program opened in your area in the last couple of years that looked like it had good propects. So I'm certain you CAN find a good program in your area.

The second key to your child's long term prognosis in my humble opinion- and wish someone had given me this advice years ago- learn everything you can about autism/ aspergers. NOT about ABA. I have nothing against ABA it just did a fraction of the good for my child that Miller Method did. So in my humble opinion the key is you as a parent tuning into your child and how your child thinks. RATHER than forcing your child into doing something that does not come naturally to him/her and is going to take years for the child to "get". Those are wasted years.