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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by TerryJ2, Feb 9, 2009.

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    I called a mtng between difficult child's principal, teacher, and after school director. Last wk difficult child got tow warnings on the playground for bad behavior--using words inapporpriately, and around small children.
    The after school teacher took it so seriously, and I thought it was a bit humorous if not downright stupid. But was have to wathc out for the little kids. And difficult child should really be separated from them as far as I'nm concerned.
    They said that overall, difficult child behaves himself in classs but after school, his medications start to wear off and you can see he's getting wilder,louder, and less focused.
    I talked to htem about redirectling and they agreed with that.
    I just felt like they needed more information, and we'd been witholding inf, partyl due to lack of organization, and partly decided how much we should give then.
    I think the teachers are very excited to learn about this and that I may had started something here. You never know how many closet Aspies maybe hding someonea and they'll come out when they know we're out there, safe, happy, educated.:sleepy:My face is going to hit the keyboard
    I will type more tomorrow ... I am so tired ...
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    It all sounds encouraging.... get some sleep Terry! Hugs, ML
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    Sounds way more successful than any school meeting I had for Travis. :D

    I always felt like everytime I attempted to give them the "whole" picture I got nothing but blank stares. So finally, I just began to address specific issues.

    Times are changing and the awareness is soooo much better now than then.

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    That's great news!
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    It's good that they're listening to you and willing to redirect him. Good!

    D's always more stimulated after lunch. I really think that break from unstructured time back to structured is horrible for him, and the longer he has to maintain - well, yeah, by 3, he's bonkers.
  6. Terry,

    I am so glad that the teachers are working with you. That's so important for success. If they don't believe you or don't believe in the concept of Asperger's syndrome it's definitely an uphill battle.

    I have found some great resources for teachers at

    There is a whole area under education that has papers for teachers. I usually give difficult child's teachers a copy of "Tips for teaching Individuals With High Functioning Autism". It is always appreciated.

    Hang in there, and get some rest!

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    Good for you Terry! It's always a huge plus when the teachers/school are on board. It's just unfortunate at times we must jump through hoops to get them to listen!!! I hope it all works out.

    Keeping my fingers crossed. :)
  8. TerryJ2

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    Thank you all! And thank you, Valerie! They were very interested in info geared specifically for teachers.

    Holy cow, was I tired last night. I don't think I've seen so many typos in anything I've done in my life!!!

    Well, my main thing yesterday was getting the after school teacher on board. She is so high strung and pensive and serious. She's very pretty, but I think she's going to be one of those who turns into a little old lady with-a pursed mouth and beady eyes. When she saw the rep't on difficult child, her eyes lit up and she thanked me. You'd have thought I'd given her a doz roses. I mean, she is really into educational stuff. Maybe she's just more into the "book" part of it than the real life part, Know what I mean??

    I picked up difficult child about 1-1/2 hrs after school, and lo and behold, he was playing basketball with-the older kids!!! Yay! So, at least, the first day, she listened. :)