easy child is giving his teacher problems

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    Hence the name easy child/difficult child. While my son may be a easy child the majority of the time, he does have his difficult child moments. For the past two weeks his study skills teacher/case carrier says he has been a major difficult child in her classroom. She is dumfounded how a normally shy, quiet kid with a witty sense of humor could drastically change personalities in a couple of weeks. I am just as confused as she is.

    Some of the behaviors she is reporting is refusal to do work, getting out of seat and walking around the classroom, and disrespectful attitude and outright defiance. Yesterday she reports that the kids were making holiday cards, and easy child refused to participate. He told her he doesn't like decorating, which is absolutely not true. easy child couldn't wait to decorate for Christmas this year and he helped me out quite a bit around our house.

    When the teacher told him he had to do it or get a zero, he scribbled something unintelligible and handed it in. She told him it was unacceptable, so he did another one but she said it was more scribbling and he didn't get credit for the assignment. She also said he was constantly talking to his friends instead of doing any work, and being defiant when told to be quiet. He was also getting up out of his seat without permission and wandering around. This behavior has been happening for the last two weeks, and it is totally 100% out of character for him.

    Yes, he may be ADHD, but he is not hyperactive, and even before medications he never talked out of turn or got out of his seat. He was more of a quiet ADD, staring off into space and not paying attention. Never was he disruptive or downright refusing to work. And my easy child talking back and being disrespectful it totally not at all like him. The teacher asked me if there was something going on at home, or perhaps a change in routine, and I told her I would ask him if there was something bothering him lately.

    When I picked him up after school yesterday I told him what his teacher was saying about him, and he flat out denied everything. I asked him if there was anything that could possibly be bothering him. School, friends, home, etc. He got very offended that I asked him such a "stupid" question and denied anything being wrong. I decided to leave it alone, but I am confused at his new behavior. What's also odd is that none of his other teachers report anything unusual lately. His grades are good and he is getting high scores on all his tests. He even won a reading award yesterday.

    So what gives? His study skills teacher, who also happens to be his case carrier, is his favorite teacher. She has really helped him come out of his shell this year. She helps him after school with homework, and when I pick him up from her classroom I always find them laughing and joking. He seems to really like her. Why is he treating his favorite teacher so badly? All I can say is I am very thankful for the upcoming break. Maybe a two week vacation is what we all need and easy child will benefit from the break. I just wish I could figure out why he has suddenly started giving his teacher so many problems.
  2. If she is young and cute, it could be he's feeling rejected by the teacher he's crushing on. He's the right age for that.
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    Christmas is coming , are there visitation plans? He has been through emotional hell with your ex. We've had a few days of very bad behavior from difficult child 1 because of that. Just reaching here. I could be way off base.
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    I am responding kinda late. I went on Christmas break right after I posted this and just now am getting on a computer at work. I had a talk with easy child about his behavior, and he vehemently denied all of it. I told him the teacher isn't just making up stories for no good reason, and let him know I expected him to apologize to the teacher the next day. He never did apologize, but the teacher did email me the very next day and said that he acted like a perfect angel in class. She said he was back to his normal sweet, shy, loving self and she was relieved. I still have no idea why easy child acted out for a couple of weeks, but I'm glad he's back to normal.