Baby shower help needed.....again.

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    I've pretty much got everything covered for my sister's baby shower next weekend. Step-mom and I as well as my youngest sister and my mom to be sister went shopping today and after the four of us were done, stepmom and I went on and got decorations, plates, etc. and ordered the cake. Really the only thing left is to come up with a good punch recipe.

    So...anyone have any favorites?
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    Boy or girl?
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    I have an awesome, easy and easily customized punch recipe. You take 1 can of frozen fruit juice concentrate and pour 1 2liter of Sprite over it.

    You can use White grape peach for a theme of yellow or pale peach, or fruit punch or cherry juice concentrate with a theme that is red or pink.

    You CAN use the 12oz cans of non-frozen concentrate that look like soda cans and just add the 2liter of Sprite to them, but then you will need more ice in the cups.

    I have even done it with the Bacardi frozen drink mixes (with no alcohol in them - from the freezer section) when I wanted a lime base or a strawberry base (daiquiri or strawberry daiquiri).

    If you would rather just have a plain lemonade tasting punch, use 1 c sugar and 1 c lemon juice to enough club soda or water to make 1/2 gal. If you use the club soda it is bubbly, but that is about the only difference.
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    1 pint of sherbet and 1 bottle of sprite. Makes a great punch.
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    Not that I'm excited or anything.

    Keep those ideas coming and thanks!
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    MMMM, Punch:
    Baby Shower Punch Recipe #1 -- Sherbet Punch

    For this baby shower punch recipe you’ll need a two liter of 7-up, a two liter of Hawaiian punch and a pint of orange sherbet. Mix the 7-up and the Hawaiian punch and add the pint of sherbet and your baby shower punch is ready to go!

    You can serve this punch in either a pitcher or a punch bowl, but I always recommend a punch bowl for this particular baby shower punch.

    Baby Shower Punch Recipe #2 -- Strawberry Punch

    For this baby shower punch you’ll need 1 3-litre bottle of ginger ale, two 8-ounce packages of frozen strawberries and one gallon of strawberry sherbet. Pour the ginger ale into a punch bowl and then add the frozen strawberries and sherbet. Let sit until the strawberries begin to thaw. Mix well and serve.

    Baby Shower Punch Recipe #3 -- Fizzy Hawaiian Punch

    To make fizzy Hawaiian punch, you’ll need a two-liter bottle of Hawaiian punch and a 2-liter bottle of sprite. Mix the sprite and the Hawaiian punch together and serve over ice. This punch can be served in either a pitcher or a punch bowl. I recommend either.

    Baby Shower Punch Recipe #4 -- Blue Punch

    This baby shower punch is perfect if a little baby boy is on the way. To make this punch you’ll need 1 64 oz. can of blue Hawaiian punch, a two-liter bottle of sprite and a pint of vanilla ice cream. Mix the punch and the sprite together and add the vanilla ice cream for a delectable baby shower punch that is sure to please all of your guests.

    No matter which baby shower punch you make, with these recipes your guests are sure to be impressed and their thirsts will be quenched the whole party through. Just make sure you make enough baby shower punch to keep everyone satisfied throughout the party!
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