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    ideas? im throwing taffy a baby shower and ive got a few ideas like a babycarraige cake (that im going to try to make with a baby's head poking out ) with baby blocks surrounding it with baby's name . and a punch that looks like a tub full of bubbles with rubber duckies floating ....and after that im stuck except for maybe some baby carrots with dip ...
    and games? ive got a few ideas that come to mind but not many like the dirty diaper game (the one with the dirty diaper wins ) any ideas ?
  2. DammitJanet

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    We attended a baby shower for my son and daughter in law last May. They really did a fine job with it.

    Dont forget the diaper cake...its adorable.

    Little pieces of netting with Jordan Almonds inside in pastels. You can tie them up in either blue or pink. Pink or blue rattles with the baby's name on them. You can make little baby bassinet's out of styrofoam cups. Put pastel candies in them. shower bingo. Look online for a place to download the cards free. Guess what the baby food is. Open a series of jars and take off the labels and have guests guess what it is by just looking and smelling the jars. Pin the diaper on the baby...just like it sounds.
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    A tray full of baby items (diaper pins, pacifier, brush, etc.) covered with a tea towel. Uncover it for 60 seconds and show the guests. Cover it back up and give them two minutes to write down everything they remember. The one with the most wins.

    If mom has picked out names yet, give each person a pencil and paper with the name(s) written at the top.

    Give each person a 4 x 4 piece of paper folded in half, have them hold it with both hands behind their backs. Tell them to rip a paper baby doll out of the paper. Have mom choose the one that looks most like a baby. Most will come out looking like ET!