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    your story sounds like mine, my son was the star wrestler the star football player and im a single parent and always worked, never on state funds, and then this happens when I was in a near death accident, my twin took my son in while I was in the hospital for 8 months, he changed schools I was shocked, then he got in with a group of loser kids and all he** broke loose since then he has had tons of tickets and jail time, now he had court and before he reached the day which was 3 days before court he got caught again, now going to prision, im so bad, im sad I never thought this would happen to me,
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    I think you meant to reply to someone but instead you started a new thread. If this is the case just reply to the proper thread.
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    @Jabberwockey I think she DID reply to a thread, and a mod may have moved it to be the start of her own thread...
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    Oh, ok. Sorry about that.
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    Himaintenance, I'm so sorry. Drugs and alcohol addiction happen in every single family, regardless of what we did or didn't do.

    My son went down the same road and was in jail 8 or 9 times. He has been doing better for a little over a year now. But it still isn't all perfect and pretty.

    Please keep sharing with us. We understand the pain, loss, fear, guilt and shame. We understand it, because we are living it too.

    We care. Warm hugs today.
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    Absolutely, Hi. Same from me!