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    Have any of you tried this? It comes in a roll like breakfast sausage and is in our grocery right by the regular sausage. I saw a shelf tag but no product and asked about it. The store got some in for me the next week and I am super impressed with it. The exact brand escapes me, but it is a decent national brand, not Dave's Backyard Roadkill Bacon Sausage or anything odd like that.

    It is a mixture of regular breakfast sausage and chopped up bacon. You cook it just like sausage in patties or crumbled. It smells wonderful and very like bacon as it cooks. The taste is really good too.

    The absolute BEST part? A package of bacon costs $3.99 for 12 measly ounces (33.5 cents per ounce) here on a good sale! Bacon Sausage is $1.75 for a 12 oz roll (14.5 cents per ounce)! That is the regular store shelf price, not a sale. While it won't totally replace bacon (as if anything could!), it will substitute in some recipes quite nicely. At a savings of 19 cents per ounce, we will enjoy our bacon sausage!

    Have you tried it?

    My husband is SOOOO relieved that we like this. I found a recipe for making bacon at home from pork belly and husband is terrified I will become intrigued enough to actually try it,lol.
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    I'll have to look for this. Hubby LOVES bacon, and I won't cook it because I get it too crispy for him (closer to burned really) and he won't eat it.
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    This week I'll be picking bacon up on sale for 2.99. Yes, I'll be picking up quite a lot of it and freezing it.

    Sausage, regardless of brand......cheapest sale price is 2.50.

    I'm trying to figure out how they've combined them and kept the price low. (for now, I bet it goes up the second it catches on) But I'm betting they're end pieces to both products. Pieces that don't fit neatly into the packages. Not that they taste any different.

    Interesting. I stock sausage for pizza and for sausage gravy and biscuits. Bacon is of course simply because I love've no idea how I love bacon......I probably could use a 12 step program. lol I also put it into my ham and beans along with the ham.

    I'll have to watch and see if it shows up around here.
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    The cheapest sausage you have is $2.50??? That is crazy high! Here the big brand (Jimmy Dean, etc...) are about $2.50 to $3.75 but the 'cheaper' brands are around $1.75-$1.99 for 12-16 oz, and at least one week a month the 12 oz size will be sold at a dollar and the pound size will be $1.25-$1.50. It is a good thing we like sausage because it is a lot cheaper than beef or burgers. husband and Jess just brought home 10 lbs of sausage because it was marked down to fifty cents a pound because the sell by date was tomorrow.

    The local grocery marks stuff down in the am and when I can I stop by. Today I have to play taxi to thank you and husband, so after the morning drop off I went by. they have a Saturday special this week with boneless skinless chicken breast, already frozen,for $1.69/lb. I also found organic ground beef marked down to $1.99 and Kraft cheese buy one get one free. It was a good morning, lol.

    Do either Nichole or easy child have a Sam's membership? You might ask them about bacon bits. We get a 20 ounce bag of real bacon bits for $10. I have seen estimates for cooks that say a pound of raw bacon will yield 4-6 oz of cooked bacon,. So it is like getting five pounds of bacon for ten bucks, plus you have no cleanup. Of course you don't get the crunch when you bite into bacon, but the flavor is great and it is easy to add it to anything you eat.

    Have you tried chocolate covered bacon yet? or maple glazed donuts with a slice of bacon on top? A doughnut place by the university here was offering a maple glazed long john with a slice of bacon on top for $2.29 last year and they couldn't keep them on th shelf.

    Have you tried baking your bacon yet? If you put it on a jelly roll pan, it is easy and great. You can put a wire cooling rack on the pan to keep the bacon out of the grease if you want. Try doing this and sprinkling brown sugar on the bacon a few minutes before you take it out of the oven. YUM!

    I love bacon, and live with 3 baconivores.
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    Susie, you're killing me. Last thing I needed was more ideas on how to eat bacon. LOL If I die of clogged arteries it isn't due to smoking or over eating or can link it directly to BACON. It is a miracle I have any self control whatsoever when it comes to bacon.

    Let's just say that freezing it isn't just for long term storage. It is to make it somewhat more difficult for me to devour it. *snort*

    Once in a very blue moon I can pick up sausage for 1.99 lb. But it has been quite along while since the last sale like that and I don't get to the store often enough to watch for manager markdowns.

    Nichole has a sam's I'll have her ask about the bacon bits. Sounds like a good idea to me. Thanks for the tip. :)