Badly needed therapy today, plus POA signing tomorrow


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It's going to be a loaded session. Fingers crossed!
I really need difficult child to sign the POA tomorrow, too.


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Thank you! I just brought the therapist up to date on difficult child's school skipping and crummy attitude and told difficult child I was surprised and disappointed because I thought that turning 18 would be something that would make him all happy and bouncy so I was worried. I also told him that I was worried that he was smoking pot again.
He said he didn't care what I thought.
At that point, the dr. sent me out of the room.
I have no idea what they talked about. I hope that the dr strangled him. (Just kidding.)
difficult child signed the HIPPA form, at least. :)

I'll work on the POA Tues.


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That's for sure.
We spent a few days in Calif at my brother's house. We let difficult child have the car and see his friends all day Sunday.
Then we lowered the boom Sun. night. Obviously, taking away the car for one day per each hour of class he missed didn't seem to work. So since he skipped photography (he had the teacher write a pass for the bathroom and he never came back), we have now taken the car until his F comes up to a C in that class. It could take awhile ...
He also skipped work yesterday. Ack! He got on our case so much because he said he'd lose his job if he didn't work, and then on his own, he sleeps late and doesn't go in? And he lied to his supervisor. Can't remember what he told her.
He just doesn't get that lying on top of lying makes it worse.
When we asked for the car keys, he was extremely upset and crying, so perhaps this time it has gotten through to him.


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Taking the truck keys was the only thing that got through to Miss KT, and I only had to do it twice, then I just had to threaten to.