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I don't know why, but the news that Barbaro had been euthanized this morning brought tears to my eyes. Maybe because I'm a 'horse person' or maybe because I 'know' several horses with laminitis right now.
Barbaro was one of those animals with really expressive eyes. His face, when I looked at him, was downright soulful. He gave such a gallant fight, after such a devastating injury, I feel so bad that it seems all for naught today.
God Rest Him.


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Ponygirl, I'm not particularly a horse person. Heck, they pretty much make me nervous as a rule. But Barbaro captured my heart and I, too, got teary when I heard the news. :tears:

Rest in peace, Barbaro. You were courageous and gave it your best effort. I hope your legacy lives on in lots of offspring.



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Yes, Pony, I was saddened by the news, too. I was really hoping he would make it.




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I was also really upset when I heard the news.

I am not a particularly big horse fan but I love animals. Barbaro captured my heart when I watched him race. He fought so hard to overcome his injury and I am saddened that he didnt make it.
My best friend's oldish Arabian has this same diagnosis and she and her family are struggling with whether to put him down or not. He is in alot of obvious pain, so I am sure they will decide very soon. Barbaro's fight and now loss of life touched my heart. :frown:



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I'm another one who is really saddened by the news. I don't know what it is about animals: I can hear the war news and the murders and robberies and suicides and feel sad and then go about my business but this has had me down all day. Whether it's a horse or a dog or a cat or a dolphin or whatever, it always saddens me. I've thought over the years that maybe there is something wrong with me that I can get that upset over an animal but I really don't do it that often over people. Maybe it's because we perceive animals as being innocent and trusting and when we use them for our purposes and things go wrong, it makes us feel guilty. I'm not sure of the WHY: I just know that it really gets to me.


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MM I feel the same way you do, nothing is wrong with us, we just have very soft spots in our hearts for animals.

I too was upset about Barbaro. There is just something so majestic about him.
He is running across the green never ending pastures with my mystic now.


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I felt badly, too.

I don't even ride, but there is just something so special about horses.

I agree with whichever of us it was who said this horse seemed to have very expressive eyes. He looked directly into the camera for an extended period (a few seconds) on the report I saw last night.

What is it that thinking of horses helps us to feel?




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My parents owned a horse ranch for part of my childhood and I showed horses until I was a teenager. We also owned races horses. I witnessed many a horse put down. Race horses are particularly vulnerable to devastating injuries. With a horse that is a calibur of Barbaro, and his monetary worth, I KNOW that putting him down was the last resort.

If there is a horse heaven, I'm sure he is in it.


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That poor horse. He was in so much misery. Every time they'd talk about him they would show when he broke his leg and I would put something over my face so I didn't have to see it. I couldn't stand it.

It's just a shame.