Bart is so logical. Great words from him about my stalking sister.

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    Honestly, he can be very logical and helpful

    Was telling him sister is still trying to smear me on another site. This was sort of our conversation, not verbatim.

    Him: Why do you care?

    Me: Actually, just because she is so wrong but needs to bait me.

    Him: She cant bait you if ypu dont read her baits. Why do you?

    Me: i did it at first to see if she was still reading my stuff. I need to be careful about what info I give here if she is still reading.

    Him: Ok, be careful but dont read. I reguse to read ex on social mefia. What for? It just upsets me. So why do you? It just upsets you. You know she will never stop checking up on you.

    Me: True.

    Him: Do you think its the truth? What she writes?

    Me: (laughing) No. Its not. None of it.

    Him: Stop doing it, mom. She WANTS ypu to read it. Get back at her. Dont read it. If they knew about the cops and her other stuff (too mu h to list) tjey would know she is tbe crazy oe. She doesnt include that, does she?

    Me: (more laughing) Of course not and you are certainly right! Thanks!

    I got off and felt foolish for taking the bait. I deleted the site and my membership there. I feel much better, like a weight it is gone from me.

    My son is very smart and calm when he gives advice. I cant stop her from trying to keep me in her life, but I can keep her out of mine.

    I truly appreciate Bart when he gives advice. He is my.most logical kid and my go-to for logical problems ;)
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  2. Littleboylost

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    Nothing changes unless something changes. You made a good move!! I will remember to do the same and not bother to read all the junk on my families FB pages. Scroll on by.
  3. ForeverSpring

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    Its hard!!!

    WhatI just did just now is to send an email to the administrator of that site explaining a bit and asking if I could be banned from reading the board by her banning my ISP. I did not give my sisters handle. I want her to be able to post if it helps her in some way. I just want to be banned from going there to read myself

    Short of that I will join board and post something so offensive they will ban me forever lolol, but I rather not do that. But I will if I have to. I want to be blocked, like you get blocked on FB.

    Only hurt comes from creeping around where others post. I know that. But dont always have the self control.

    Hopefully the administrator will just ban my I SP. I was very polite and explained why in detail.

    You watch what you read too :)
  4. Yeah Bart! Glad he helped you to delete it, along with her ability to snoop.

    On my Facebook everything I post is put out there as public. I want my sister to snoop. My life is so much better now that I am proud and want to rub it in her face. She has been with multiple men, 2 divorces and was favored by my Mom and Dad. I was the good child who stayed home, helped my parents and siblings, married to a wonderful man 26 years now.

    In my case, snooping is encouraged. lol ;)
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    Well, i want to disappear ftom her. My life is good, hers sucks. She was akways crying. She made bad choices. She has a very abusive boyfriend of six years. I still dont want her to know about my goid life. None of her business.

    I cant block her from reading here. I want to block myself from reading her site. She can read all she wants here. She wont get much info here nor anything specific.