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    first Residential Treatment Center (RTC) declined ktbug as a resident because it's a longer term facility (9-12 months) & we've only been approved for 3.

    Second Residential Treatment Center (RTC) isn't an option because it's mostly for those children court ordered & others coming out of corrections. psychiatrist (who is the onsite psychiatrist) doesn't want kt there.

    Third Residential Treatment Center (RTC) we will be touring this coming week ~ not sure I want kt there as it doesn't have the best reputation in the world when it comes to communicating with the powers that be.

    The other 2 options in this state have no beds until mid July.

    kt's mental health team feel kt needs an out of home setting to stabilize & move forward. Personally I don't feel 3 months is enough. If treatment goes over 3 months we lose our CADI waiver of services which is like gold in this state.

    15 minutes at a time, ladies, 15 minutes at a time.
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    *hugs* hon. Is something out of state even an option?
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    Good Grief! It's just one thing after another after another. Hugs. DDD