Been Awhile


It has been quite some time since I have been here. I noticed when I logged in that my signature was beyond out of date.

Our world feels so different these days. I was cleaning out a file cabinet and thought about this wonderful place that helped me through some of the worst experiences I have ever encountered.

#1 is turning 30 on Saturday. She is steady with a boyfriend for a couple of years. She hasn't talked to me in about 3-4 years. Not really a hardship as it keeps the drama low. She only talks to her dad when she needs him to fix something for her. And of course he does but that is his way and I am okay with that.

#2 was about to go to prison when he voluntarily committed himself. This was the best thing that could really happen. He talks to his dad once a week (as long as his dad stays strong and doesn't cave). I talk to him about every other month or so. It is the same conversation every time. He calls me Mommy and says he loves me and asks when we will visit. I usually hand the phone back off to his dad on the last question and avoid it.

Easy graduated from college with a degree in Marine Biology. Super proud. She is currently residing in her father's home and working but desperately trying to find a different job to be out on her own.

We are very much enjoying the empty nest. Sigh. There was a time peace and tranquility seemed impossible. Are things perfect with the difficult ones. Nope!

I actually went back to school and received an Associate's, Bachelor's and Master's degrees.

I wish I could have given more here but I had to step away from much in order to care for myself and survive the day to day.

Many hugs to all that need them,



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Very proud of your schooling, college is hard! Kuddos to you for taking a break and caring for yourself and thank you for the hugs!!Love,


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Beth, I'm newish to the board, so we haven't met, but I wanted to thank you for your update. It makes me hopeful that one day i will have peace in my heart too.