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    My son's problems occur almost entirely at school, so I rely on his teacher's notes to determine if medication is helping.

    So here is one of her notes before Adderall:

    difficult child starts off the day in my room. He kept climbing on his chair and trying to stand on the back of it. I asked him to sit or stand- his choice. The pledge began and he stood half on his chair sticking his tongue out at me the entire time. I sent him down to Mrs. Romine's room (Special Education) and was told that he was making honking and beeping noises while the class was trying to do their calendar activities. He came back for math and acted the same. Participated very little and became disruptive and began throwing his pencils. We went to lunch a few minutes early to give a break. He was very very hyper and loud all the way to the cafeteria. He came in from recess loud and refused to stay calmly with the class. We stopped at the bathrooms and he started whipping his coat around in the air. The zipper hit my student teacher. Another student quietly came up and told me that he had hit her at recess and scratched her. I asked him if it was on purpose or if he was moving quickly around her and it was accidental. He shouted 'I don't know'. I said nevertheless she needed an apology. He yelled at her some garbled words and stuck his tongue out at her. I asked again for an apology and he did the same thing. He then laid on the floor so my class had to step over him. When another class came to walk by, he scooted and pushed his legs into their line almost tripping children. Mrs. Yung (Teacher) stopped to talk to him and discussed his cool socks, playing games, etc. and he proceeded to take off his shoes and dump a large amount of rocks in the hallway. She asked him to clean the rocks up so a teacher wouldn't step and fall on them. He began hitting her with his shoe and kicking the rocks around on the floor. She asked him if he wanted to pick them up with his hands or use a broom. He continued his behavior. She went and got a broom and dustpan and cleaned up around him. He grabbed the dustpan and tried to dump everything out. Mrs. Hall (Social Worker) came and he finally left with her crawling down the hall on his knees.

    While taking Adderall:

    Just wanted to touch base regarding this week with difficult child. difficult child is showing some different behaviors this week. He has not been as physically active as in the past (running around the room, climbing all over his desk and seat, crawling under tables). He has basically shut down in regards to participation or cooperation in simple tasks, especially first thing in the morning. He speaks very little, if at all, to me or my student teacher. He glares often with a very angry expression at both of us and holds the stare. Mrs. Romine has gotten these glares for no apparent reason also. I have heard him growl at me. Mrs. Romine has told me he has thrown a pencil at her. He does not comply with the simplest tasks (doing his lunch choice, answering questions, even just coming up to my desk when called) all of these situations were not issues in the past. He seems very moody (in a brooding kind of way) and does not socialize verbally. He does not always seem to hear when he is spoken to, almost daydreaming or inattentive at times. The biggest change has been his lack of speaking in general. He will work but, as in the past, only when he wants to work. Before, if he didn't want to do something he threw things on the floor and acted out very aggressively. Now when he doesn't want to work he pushes things off his desk, looks away, and sits without speaking or reacting to others. I will keep everyone updated on any other changes or improvements. Please let me know if anyone is experiencing anything similar or different.

    His doctor said that if we could treat his hyperactivity, impulsiveness, and inattentiveness that it would help his ODD symptoms but it seems to make things worse. Yesterday was the first time he did not bring home his homework and when I asked about it, he said he did want to bring it home. We typically have no problems with homework.

    I haven't noticed that he is having trouble sleeping and he hasn't said anything but I guess lack of sleep can cause moodiness. He takes the 10mg at 6 am, so it must be out of his system by bedtime and it isn't the extended release.

    Has anyone else experienced this effect with Adderall? He has only been on 10 mg for 3 days, so maybe he is just being moody, do I need to give it more time?
  2. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Well, first, I've had experience with Adderall causing increased aggression with my difficult child's and husband in the past. That said, it is also likely you are dealing with more than just vanilla-ADHD which may need to be addressed with a second medication. You should definitely call whomever is managing his medications and let them know what's being observed. The stimulant medications work very quickly -- no need to build up in his system, so chances are what you're seeing is not going to change by giving it more time. If anything, it might get worse.
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    Actually, after being evaluated his phychiatrist said he does not meet the criteria for ADHD because it does not have "significant impairment occurring in at least two settings". The problem is at school and only school.

    But he does have all the other stuff (hyperactivity, impulsive, and inattentive), but only at school. So his doctor wanted to give him a medication that would help these symptoms at school.
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    Adderall quickly caused new unacceptable behaviors in both the boys. It was apparent that Adderall was not for them. It takes experimentation to find "the right" medications but since stimulant medications are quick in/quick out it is not usually very time consuming. For our family Concerta was the answer.
    Each child reacts differently so the old expression "what's good for the goose is good for the gander" :tongue:, ain't so! Good luck. DDD
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    Adderall was the first medication for ADD (non hyperactive) we tried for my then 12 year old. I found she was even more aggressive and cranky. With dr approval, I took her off of it shortly after she started it, and didn't try another medication for about six months.

    Next Rx was Concerta - better than Adderall, but not "perfect". When Ritalin LA was released (longer lasting slower released dosage), she started on 20 mg, and as she grew, dosage was increased to 30 mg, and finally 40 mg. It was the right drug for her.

    It's not easy trying to find the right medication. Hopefully, there is something that will help your son.
  6. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    FWIW, we found the best, or I should say smoothest delivery throughout the day was acheived with the Daytrana patch. No rebound, no irritability. Very even.
  7. Kjs

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    difficult child started adderall this week. 15mg's of XR and we are to double it beginning today. After bad reactions (making difficult child really scary) with any ritalin medication I was worried. First day he called and said how wonderful he felt.

    Second day no problems at school. Actually was focused, did work. But exhausted. Totally exhausted after school. He said he gets that tired feeling about 1pm. He also found out that day about detentions he was recieving from an incident the previous week. Made him angry. But it would of made him angry before the adderall. We did argue/fight about school, that is normal also. Only thing I noticed out of the ordinary is how exhausted he is. Doesn't want to leave the house. Too tired.
  8. Moonlight

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    My difficult child has ADHD and ODD. I tried Adderall and he would have rages on it. If I only gave him half, it did not work. My psychologist said that children with ODD tend not to do well with Adderall.
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    Put in a call to his psychiatrist to inform him that difficult child has had 4 bowel movements in his pants within the 6 days since he has been on 10mg Adderall. Accidental BM are not uncommon for difficult child, but the frequency is a bit alarming. The school has reported selective mutism, refusal to interact with other children, and unresponsive to requests.

    Adderall has corrected his hyperactivity and impulsiviness, but hasn't helped with being inattentive, while creating a bunch of social problems. I don't think it is worth it, since there are so many options out there we haven't tried yet.
  10. Kjs

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    just curious if he is tired/exhausted by the end of the day? my difficult child just started 15mg's of Adderall last tuesday and upped it to 30 on Sunday. He is so tired it is like hard for him to even talk. but not sleepy tired. Also has no interest in doing things which is very unusual. We had bad experiences with several trials of medication with ritalin. Has adderall changed his appetite? Does he seem sad?
  11. kymmie

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    He does seem lazy and doesn't have the energy he had before. He has looked tired, but when I asked if he was, he says no. At bedtime he has been talking himself to sleep but it doesn't take him long to doze off.

    He is eating ok, as long as it is something he really likes.

    The lack of social interaction could indicate that he is feeling sad, but I haven't been able to get him to open up and tell me how he feels.
  12. kymmie

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    Just spoke with the fellow in my psychiatrist's office. He said that it sounds like the dose is too high, so 5mg is too low and 10mg is too high. Do they make anything in the middle?

    He said to go back down to 5mg for tomorrow and he will call me tomorrow afternoon after he can discuss it with the psychiatrist.

    Kjs, the fellow specifically asked about his mood, so it sounds like that is a common side effect that he expected with a high dose.
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    I remember when one of my little daycare boys went on Adderall. He was a totally different boy on it at first. Threw fits that I had never seen him throw before. Was very defiant and wanted things he knew he had not been allowed in my care the previous 2 years and would have a total meltdown if he was told No. He even started fibbing. This was a side of the child I had never seen before, but after a few weeks, he was better.