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    Well, today difficult child had his evaluation. It was confirmed that he has a classic convergence issue. Other than that he has 20/20 vision, no color issues. What an extremely thorough exam. husband and I really liked the Dr. Very thorough and good with difficult child. He starts vision therapy next week. Did confirm that insurance covers, we just pay the co-pay. Dr figures about 30 hours of therapy needed with support "homework" at home.

    difficult child's reading really took off this past late spring (@6) and he still does well, but flits from table top tasks that require visual concentration and struggles some with-comprehension after reading. This is because it takes all he has to focus on the reading.

    No one has ever picked up on this before. He's only had his "eye exams" during his regular physicals. They didn't even incorporate any type of tracking test, only had difficult child read from the eye chart. My mother told me our pediatrician used to do tracking with us as kids. I don't know if this was overlooked during his physicals or they're not doing it. I WILL be bringing it up at his next appointment.

    Had we not requested and Occupational Therapist (OT) evaluation back in March at school, we never may have known it to be an issue which could've put him so far behind in school. He is so smart (doing 4th grade level math in 2nd grade) it would have been so sad if we didn't know enough to have this addressed. Thankfully, the school has worked with-him for 9 months and realized it is beyond what they are trained to correct.

    Funny thing, difficult child met a boy his age sledding over xmas vacation that lives in another town. difficult child got the boy's ph#, but they haven't talked. As we were waiting for our evaluation the boy came in with-his dad for vision therapy. They recognized each other and began to play a game together. Cute.
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    glad to hear difficult child finally had his evaluation and that you have some answers. Now things can begin to fall into place for him. It really sounds like his school is truly interested in making sure difficult child succeeds. You are very fortunate!

    Cute about the boys "finding" each other.

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    thank you Sharon,

    I do feel fortunate in a lot of ways with-the school. Again, difficult child is in an out of district program. I haven't posted about it, but his annual IEP review was last week and they are going to start to mainstream him. Which we are so excited about. It is his first step to getting back to district.
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    With convergence problems our optometrist recommended "Magic Eye" books as an eye exercise to get the eye muscles to learn to "toe out" again. It's a fun way of doing it. To get the Magic Eye effect your eyes actually have to slightly toe out more than normal. It's like looking into the distance plus plus.

    We picked up some Magic Eye books at garage sales etc. They can be a lot of fun especially if you're all trying to do it - someone can, someone else can't but having someone else there who can does give some encouragement to the others to keep trying.

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    I have a vision convergence problem where at close ranges (like reading) my right eye drifts outward.

    I wonder if something like this therapy would help me?
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    Certainly. It's not just for kids!

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    I'll have to look into it. I've spent my whole life having to close my right eye when reading for a long period of time. After while, when my eye muscles get tired, the right eye starts drifting.

    It can be seen if one looks for it, but no eye doctor has ever recommended anything to fix it.

    I'll have to check into the vision therapy.