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    are starting to surface, which is sad when he has been having such a great year. Last week I met with difficult child's principal. They are seeing an increase in behaviors. She said he is still easy to redirect.

    Last Friday I received an e-mail from difficult child's case manager. She was good in that she made sure to mention some positives, then mentioned almost in passing that difficult child was starting to have more problems. He was blurting out in class more, not as easily redirected, swearing more, told off a student teacher and then pounded hands on the computer.

    This morning received an e-mail that difficult child was sent out of band. Not sure exactly why, but something to do with drumming when he wasn't supposed to.

    Another e-mail came in this afternoon from his case manager. He walked out of math class. The nurse said she is seeing him during math time 2-3 times a week during math time. He also had to be sent out of language arts due to disturbing class through blurtings (this is with one of the teachers he really likes).

    She also mentioned that he has been more disrupted on the bus recently. One day he unbuckled himself and tried to open the door because he thought he saw husband's car.

    Yikes! I'm not really sure what to do. He has long periods of calm (he just had a great night) but definitely seems to be on edge. Also, on Saturday he had all of that distorted thinking. Don't know whether or not to call psychiatrist or just wait til Wed. and Thurs. when he sees two different tdocs.
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    Geez....sorry things aren't going well, Sharon. I tend to think that your son is just hitting that "magic" age where things go really out of kelter. I read your thread on the AXE- are you seeing other signs of "life changes"? If so, my suggestion would be to talk with psychiatrist.
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    Hi Sharon! Are there any transitions coming up? Spring break, summer time, any major changes like religious stuff (we have Communion, Confirmation, etc) that could be "ratcheting up" his anxiety?

    Just tossing around some ideas!

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    Sharon, call psychiatrist & report these incidents ~ especially trying to jump out of the bus. difficult child may need his medications tweaked.

    Spring is wm's growth spurt time & a very difficult time for him when it comes to impulse control & other such things. We've learned over the years (as has psychiatrist) this is the time to start tweaking wm's medications before all heck hits the fan.

    Tdocs are great but if the medications aren't in place for difficult child to work with them it's a waste of time, in my humble opinion.

    Sending this message with a (((hug))) for you this morning. Hope today is better for you & difficult child.
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    K-So far no other signs of puberty but who can tell? Other than BO and some pimples-nothing.

    Beth-Nothing big coming up-spring break in two weeks but difficult child doesn't really get the whole concept of time so I don't think that is it.

    Linda-You are right-I need to call psychiatrist-something I've never struggled with before. I think my reluctance may be that we were actually suppose to skip a month of seeing him (of course, he's great and said to call if things started to change). I'm also hesitant because psychiatrist has been not wanting to change medications until we try out the cpap machine which we still don't have due to insurance.
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    I'm sorry difficult child is starting to go downhill a bit. Even though you haven't been able to get the cpap machine, I agree with Linda. I think you should call the psychiatrist. I also believe that if medications need tweaking, your difficult child won't benefit as much as he should from his therapist appointments.

    I'm keeping you and your difficult child in my thoughts... Sending lots of hugs... WFEN
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    Wow, I thought things were going along so well for difficult child. I'm so sorry about this downturn.

    Hopefully a trip to the psychiatrist and a growth spurt can explain it and turn it back around again.

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    Sorry things are breaking down a bit at school. What types of classes is he in at school. I know you've mentioned that his academic skills are well below grade level (I think you've mentioned this...if it was someone else, I am sorry).

    How is the school providing interventions to improve his skills.
    Is he just getting frustrated with the workload?
    Is he using assitive technology programs to allow for texts to be read aloud and/or word prediction programs to assist with the writing?
    Is he in a reading intervention program or grade level reading?
    Are the instructional and testing accommodations being used on a daily basis? Is the work being modified enough? I see how much work my own 12 year old is getting and it worries me how difficult it would be for someone who is struggling academically. Does the school offer any double periods of math?

    I know it's alot of questions....but I want to make sure they are doing enough to improve his academic work and overall this can be a huge trigger for frustration/anger. I know when our kids are behaviorally out of control all we care about is that they are safe and not hurting themselves or others....but as we somehow manage to get our kids in better control (OFTEN THROUGH TONS OF MEDICATIONS) we need to begin to focus on academic skills and interventions.

    This summer/fall/winter I had my son use the LEXIA reading computer program at home and I paid him to use it; it greatly improved his decoding skills...
    Also the school now has him Corrective Reading...3-4x a week for 20 minute periods

    programs such as co-writer/read/write outload/wirting cue/clicker all really provide reading/writing support....the new FUSION is great...

    The assistive technology part of the IEP should be able to address and discuss these

    As I said in my earlier post...I guess up babbling a bit today...I'm home from work...difficult child is sick....
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    WFEN-I did end up calling psychiatrist today-he is on vacation til next Tuesday! I did talk to the nurse though and she wants me to keep documenting and call back next Tuesday.

    Shari-Thanks for the hugs. difficult child would end up being so thrilled if it were a growth spurt-he is one of the shortest, if not the shortest child in his class at 56 inches.

    Jannie-First off, thanks for the excellent links. I will be bookmarking them. I especially love the math site!

    I don't think his workload is overly frustrating except possibly in band because he can't read notes and some kids pick on him about it.

    No assitive technology but I will be definitely looking into that at his IEP in April.

    He is receiving reading instruction at his level as he is only reading at about a first grade level. Also we are planning on getting him some outside tutoring soon as well.

    He is in a replaced curriculum math group. However, the teacher should really be retired and is not a good match. I did get a note that they are planning on switching him to a math class with a better math teacher.

    They are modifying his work and there are no hw expectations but when he feels like it we do help him. He is in small groups for math and reading. Science and Social Studies he is in the regular class but expectations are modified.

    They have really worked hard to make his year a positive one. I'm not sure what is going on.

    Thank you everyone. I know something is going on, he even had a rough therapy session today with the therapist he likes.
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    I'm glad you called the psychiatrist - Tuesday isn't that far away... I've got all my body parts crossed that difficult child is manageable until then...

    I hope you get to enjoy your niece's b-day celebration this evening - You need a break...

    Thinking of you... WFEN