being parent to our children is like...........

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    hi i had to share this because i absolutely loved this one paragraph from a book i'm reading it describes what being the parent of a special needs child is like...........

    it's like planning a trip to italy you buy a bunch of guide books, make a ton of wonderful plans while you are there. the coliseum, the michelandgelo david, the gondolas in venice. it's all very exciting and you can't wait to arrive.

    after mos. of eager anticipation the day finally arrives you pack your bag, and off you go. several hours later the plane lands and the captain says "welcome to holland!"

    What do you mean Holland???? I signed up for Italy! all my life i've dreamed of italy. but there was a sudden change in the flight plan and you have landed in holland and there you must stay no outgoing flights to italy.

    they have taken you to a different place so you must go new guidebooks and you must learn a whole new language. you will meet a whole new group of people in holland that you never would of met in italy.

    it's a different place than italy, it's slower paced at times, a little less flashy but after you've been there for a while you began to take a deep breath, you look around and you see............holland has wind mills and tulips and it even has rembrandts.

    sure everyone you know is going on about their trip to italy how exciting it was, how great. the pain of missing that trip will never truly go away. yet if you spend your entire life mourning the fact that you never got to go to italy you'll never be free to enjoy the very special and loving things about Holland.


    thanks for letting me share

    Jen :)
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    I have heard this somewhere, but I love it too, and it is SSOO true!!! It really is like the journey changes somewhere along the way, with no warning as to what you are really getting into and things get complicated.

    I love my children, would not trade them for anything, but my flight plan was changed and I landed in a completely different country than I originally planned and I feel like I know NOTHING most of the time!!!
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    i'm still out buying the new guides for holland!!! LOL

    so so true loved it though.

    there's beauty in it all just gotta look a little more carefully but it's sooo there