Ben is Back movie


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I saw an ad for a new film starring Julia Roberts as the parent of an addicted young adult who is returning home for Xmas. The movie is called "Ben Is Back" and I believe it opens on Friday.

I don't think W and I will be seeing it, even though drug addiction isn't really our trigger (that would be suicide). Despite the fact that both DS and YS are using marijuana, and we do know their usage has been heavy at times, we haven't really seen the impact of their drug use on every day life, since we are totally shut out of their lives at present.

I know many of us here on this forum are dealing with this very issue and the film may be relevant/triggering for some, so I thought I'd start a thread.

Reviews I've seen aren't the best but that is sometimes the case even for movies I like, so I don't know how seriously to take those.


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I saw the reviews and hope to see it but now that son is home I wouldn't want him to know so not sure how that can happen!

He is really wanting to move forward so I think he'd get upset if he knew I was wanting to see it.

I think that it is great that there is more awareness being generated by this movie and the other movie Beautiful Boy - which I did see.

It's hard to watch but made me feel not so alone and would probably do that for others also.

But I'm that person that wants to know EVERYTHING about whatever it is that life throws at me!