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Perhaps you knew that difficult child was in therapeutic foster care. We had him put in voluntary 30 day temporary custody when he was discharged from the hospital in June. On Mon. last week we went to a services mtg to be informed that the county was requesting an extension of custody and it sounded like they were looking for 45 -60 days! We went into overdrive to get him back. the hearing was on Tuesday at 1:30 so we went in and requested a continuance. No problem. The magistrate gave us 2 days. We found representation and went back and fought for him to come home. Of course in reality it took a lot more than a sentence or two, but we were able to bring him home Thursday afternoon after the magistrate dismissed the case! A roller coaster of a week, and difficult child has no idea what we went through to get him home. Now his is home and we are all working hard to try to get this at home thing to work. I am so proud of the way that husband and I came together and worked hard for this. I am also so proud of how difficult child is working. We have told him many times since he has been home how proud we are of him and how hard he is working. It is great to have him back even though it we realize it may not always be a pleasant thing, it is what we all need.

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Whew-that must have been a real whirlwind! How nice that you and husband were able to come together and get difficult child home!


What was their reasoning for wanting custody longer? I am glad you found that disconcerting and got help fighting the suggestion. I pray things to continue to improve at home and that the placement did what it was supposed to.