BIP and Spanish and digital planners


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difficult child's BIP was written so that the "school discipline policy" would apply meaning they can still suspend him. I signed it with a note saying I disagreed with that point because I wanted to get the rest of the stuff in place for the start of school. Since then, the psychiatrist that the school sent him to for an evaluation has stated in a letter to them that suspension is NOT in his best interest unless he continues to present a danger to other students. Do you think this will be enough to get the BIP changed?? I have been fighting this for 6 months and he's already been suspended for 1.5 days this year...Once the "fight" is over, he is NOT aggressive with anyone...

Second question...difficult child is 10. He has Spanish twice a week. He refused to go on Wednesday but agreed happily to go today. Says he only wants to go on Fridays...I really don't care if he learns to speak Spanish in 4th grade, would it be reasonable to have once a week Spanish in his IEP considering he could do one of his other pull-outs during that time and maybe not miss other, more important class time?

And last, do any of you have your difficult child's using digital planners/calendars? My son has NO interest in using the planner they give him at school. He's totally geeked about using a digital planner and I am super adamant that he learns to use SOME kind of planner to help keep himself organized. I got a great deal on a Palm Zire that I can link with our computers to download the family calendars. I'd like to finagle this into his IEP since I think he's way more likely to use it than the paper calendar. Any suggestions on how to word/work this?

Thanks in advance for any ideas here!!



Your SD can SAY that normal discipline applies, but they do not trump Federal law.

If your child has an IEP, the SD can suspend for up to 10 days without it being considered a change of placement. After that time, the BIP has to be reviewed if there is one, or written after an FBA is completed, if there is no BIP.

As far as Spanish class, if your child need time out of the gen ed class to work on other things, then Spanish might be considered expendable. This is one way I freed up my ex-difficult child to attend school half time in middle school: he took no electives or exploratories as they are called. This sort of thing is not written into law and is entirely left to the IEP team's discretion. You are a full member of the IEP team.

The above reasoning would apply to the planer situation as well. The school might object because it would be more difficult for the teacher to check an electronic planner, but it should be negotiable.