Bipolar nutritional supplement??

Andrea Danielle

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I recently heard of a product called Empowerplus from Truehope Nutritional Support Ltd which is meant to be helpful for bipolar. Has anyone tried it?


Sara PA

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It's quite controversial but there are people I know who have tried it and are having reasonably good results. People have been able to reduce, if not eliminate, the drugs they are on. The people I know who are having the best results are working with their doctor to tweak doses of both the EMPower and the regular psychotropics.

It is not inexpensive and is not covered by insurance. Health Canada has had some issues, shall we say, with the product, even raiding the Truehope offices at gunpoint. However, last I heard there was some sort of truce and Canadians are being allowed to import the product without interference.

I need to add that the Health Canada site about Truehope contains some inacurrate information. They claimed 31 people had died from one of the ingrediants, germanium, in the product. There is no verification for that figure. The truth is that only 9 or 11 people died (I can't remember which). Those deaths were all the deaths ever reported for germanium and most, if not all, were from taking massive doses for a period of time. (I had heard that early in the AIDS epidemic some were trying germanium as an anti-AIDS treatment.) None of the people taking Truehope died from germanium (or anything else that I know of) nor do Truehope doses approach the high levels of germanium that caused those deaths.
Empowerplus is a vitamin supplement. If a child needs this type of supplementation, it is possible that it will help. It doesn't help everyone because brains are very complex and don't have a one-size-fits-all solution. That is what makes it much harder to treat any illness involving the neuro system.