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    I set up an account so difficult child can call home, now that he's graduated to the next level and is allowed to call more than 5 mins after earning a certain amount of points. As long as we are in a reasonable amount of distance and get the local rate, the calls are 99cents each- no limit on time! I think I'll tell difficult child he can call 2-3times a week, unless it's really important then call anytime. His CM had told me to do this because she said some boys try to call home every day or more than once a day. She said they'll also try to call a sibling at home and get them to set up 3-way calls with their friends.

    Then, I called the place he's being moved to and found out that they don't have a waiting period for calls or visiting and he can call almost any evening. They only have visitation once a week, but instead of it being 1- 1 1/2 hours long like this place and detention, they have a 5 hour period so even if we get family therapy and it has to be during visitation hours, there would still be time for us to visit informally!

    I called the infirmary about his medications- they are supposed to call back but still haven't. Why is it no one can keep medications straight except a parent?

    Oh- I found this sad- when I visited difficult child I met a couple while waiting for the "inmates". Their 17yo son is in there because last year he took his dad's truck without permission- he didn't have a driver''s license. His dad called cops and reported him. The attny said since he'd never been in trouble before, he'd probably get a slap on the hand- enough to try to teach him a lesson. Even though he'd never been arrested before and was found just a few miles from home and it was his dad's truck, they sentenced him to state Department of Juvenile Justice for an undetermiinned amount of time. He was found guilty of felony grand larceny on top of driving without a license. His dad said he'd called cops to teach the son a lesson, but mainly because since he didn't have a license he was afraid he'd wreck and get hurt or hurt someone else. The dad said another attny told him that in this state's Department of Juvenile Justice courts, they do what they want to.

    difficult child told me that some other boys were sayinng that their parents received bills from Department of Juvenile Justice. So, I guess it's true that I'll be paying child support while he's in. Oh boy.

    ETA: I just received a letter from difficult child. It's a regular piece of paper colored and written out to be a Mother's Day card. I didn't think he would even notice that coming up.

    I had done an online resume before and was using it to apply for government jobs, since they seem to be the only things out there in my field. I thought I'd lost the Word document resume that I would need for printing out hard copies. I really dreaded typing all that over from scratch and didn't want to change the format since it always got pretty good results in the past. Now that the economy is showing a small glimmer of hope, I needed the Word resume prepared. Well, I found one hidden in some file on my computer!! I thought I had lost that info when my computer had gotten a virus last year and had to be "cleaned out". Anyway, now all I need to do is update it and tweak it and print it out!!
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    Someone screwed up that charge. It isnt grand theft if the car belongs to a family member, it is unlawful use or some other wording I cant quite remember. I know because I called on Cory so many times it isnt funny.

    Cool on the phone calls. That is the way it works here too but the charge is slightly higher. The jail used an independent company and you put a certain amount on an account and then he could call whenever. I think the calls were limited to 10 minutes per call by the jail though. That was so others could also use the phone. Cory would call and then call I would just tell him I would only put so much on the account for a limited amount of time and to use it They can count.
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    If I bump into these people again, I'll let them know that- I wondered why a defense attny wouldn't have asked to reduce the charge or do something to prevent this. I mean, if a kid is 16 and does something typical teen, I hate it that he'd get he'd get time like this and a record. Here, juveniles sometimes get more time incarcerated than adults for the same crime. And if it's a "charge that would be a felony if committed by an adult", it doesn't ever get off their record- even in adulthood. They have to do the fingerprinting and get put on the criminal register, too. They can keep that hidden a little easier than an adult, but not much. It comes up on any criminal background check but some jobs requiring this only ask for crimes committed after reaching adulthood- it depends on the job I guess. difficult child is on the register with fingerprints for 2 felonies and 1 violent misdemeanor now.

    I'm going out to run errands- difficult child might try to call this evening- I told him to try on Tues when I visited last weekend but who knows if he'll remember.
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    Ok, I'm back and the nurse just called. She's going to call difficult child's pediatrician and verify what I told her about the nasal spray rx for allergies. That's good. But, when I told her that difficult child was getting lithobid, seroquel AND tegretol, yet he came in there after just having the tegretol swithced out for seroquel, she said the psychiatrist there wrote the rx for all three. I asked her to verify that was his intent and that someone didn't mistakenly think he'd come in on all three. She said the psychiatrist intentionally added it back in. But, she never put me on hold or acted like she really verified it. I'm concerned because I can't imagine that a psychiatrist would do this at the first 15 min appointment. with someone. Suggestions?

    difficult child had told me that he can refuse to take it and they can't force him, but I don't want it written down that he's not compliant or not taking a medication if there's good reason for him to be on it. It was switched out because it makes him tired all the time. Plus, I think it's the one that can cause a sudden and serious change in the blood count isn't it?

    ETA: I just called his cm about it. I think it's the one that can cause really low white counts or something if a kid gets sick and difficult child is iover there with a bad case of allergies and no allergy medications so far and having to walk a mile to the cafeteria no matter if it's raining or what the temperature is. Plus, this wasn't actually doing well for him when he was on it before.
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