Black olives???


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Here's another funny, but extremely embarassing moment in the life of a "not awake mom".

A while back I was rushing at lighening speed to get us out the door, so we wouldn't be late for school and work. I grabed easy child's backpack, and went to the cubbord to grab some raviloli in the can. ('ve never understood why people like this, but it was the food of the month for easy child....someone else turned him unto it. Anyway, I grabbed a can and his drink and applesauce and we were out the door. Well at lunch time his at-home pre-school/daycare lady called telling me that easy child doesn't like black olives. So I'm thinking, "well don't give him any." I don't see why she's calling. She then tells me that the only "food" I packed for easy child was a can of black olives.....and he doesn't want them!! Now it felt like it took about 3mins for the message to make sense to me, and then I said......"I packed black olives, and not ravioli's?" :hammer: Yep....sure did. She started laughing so hard, and said she'd make him something. I about died right then and there...


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Well when I picked up easy child that night, when he was in the car and we were leaving he said, "Mommy!!....grapes not gooda me" Poor thing......I felt so bad. :rolleyes:


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He doesn't want Black olives for lunch??? Well, you'd think he was a kid, or something! LOL

I have an experience involving black olives when I was your easy child's age. I found out I didn't like them either, but I LOVED sucking the juice out of them. :devil:

Okay, here goes. My Mom was having some friends over for a casual dinner. She's in the kitchen getting everything ready to serve tacos. She comes out and puts a large bowl of black olives on the table and goes back into the kitchen.

I'm was curious, and the shiny black things intrigued me. So, I picked one up and put it in my mouth. I rolled it around in the my mouth and pulled it nearly out of my mouth. Then, I held it and sucked the juice out. When I was done, I put it back in the bowl. I then proceeded to do that to ALL OF THE OLIVES IN THE BOWL. Being four, it never once occurred to me what I was doing was beyond disgusting.

Later, I didn't think twice when all the adults were sitting around the table eating, and chatting, away. When I "helped" clear the table later, the bowl of olives was nearly empty. :nonono:

Yep, they never even noticed. :rofl:

And I wonder why I have difficult children... :rolleyes: :hypnosis:


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That was too cute! Dazed, my grand daughter sucks the juice out, she's 4 as well. Do you think she'll be a difficult child?! So cute!


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If he doesn't like to eat them, he can always try that old "kid standby" - put them on the ends of his fingers and waggle them around!


Every kid ever who tries this thinks that he's the only one who ever thought of it and that they're hysterically funny ... and usually they are! Sooner or later every kid tries it!


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In our family, it's only difficult child 1 who doesn't like black olives. And green ones... But the black ones, they prefer them to be big, black Kalamata olives.

It was easy child's grandfather who got her hooked on black olives, eaten with a mouthful of dry bread. He'd spent some time as a runaway POW in WWII on Crete and learned to love them. When easy child was 4, and having her lunch stolen at school by a difficult child, we gave her a special treat for her lunch - dry bread and black olives. Her lunch never got stolen again!

easy child 2/difficult child 2 was a baby, we were eating at the Pizza Hut and she was, as usual, crawling out of her high chair to get to the pizza. But it wasn't the pizza she was after, it was the tiny black ring-things (sliced pitted olives) that she was trying to get. I picked off a couple for her and she scoffed them and wanted more. And these were the not-so-great, Spanish variety! Once we got her onto Kalamata olives, she was hooked like easy child.

difficult child 3 had no chance - he's always liked strong flavours. The strong taste of the olives is as strong as Vegemite, which all my kids love (in moderation - it HAS to be spread very thinly, you never slab it on like jam).

easy child's lunch took another slightly weird turn when she was in high school - I had begun cooking pickled octopus. After cooking the baby octopus (halved, if they're big) and storing them in 50:50 lemon juice and olive oil, seasoned with garlic & herbs, I would serve them with salad. But easy child liked to eat them on their own, or - you guessed it - with dry bread and black olives. She delighted in taking them to school for lunch and making the legs wriggle as she ate them, to gross out her friends.
But while the other kids love calamari, they aren't too fond of octopus so I don't cook it often.



Would like to add a funny story that recently happened. Neighbors are selling there house, so when they have a showing or open house they bring their dogs over. One is a very old Lab, has a hard time walking. didn't quite make it to the back yard and pooped in the driveway. difficult child scooped it up...but...put the plastic bag on the kitchen table. Meanwhile, husband was running late for work. Grabbed the bag (thinking it was his lunch) went to work. Left "lunch" in the car. He was starving and went out to get his lunch!! Lost his appetite when he opened the bag!!