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Since I started this new job, I sit in a chair for 12 hours, no place to really walk to, or move around. My body has gotten so out of shape. i don't do much at home since I am so tired when I get there. So now I am wondering if my body aches because I don't do anything, or if I did go swimming or walking if it would increase the pain. Don't feel any relief when I wake up, just as sore as when I lay down. Afraid to do anything because i am in so much pain now...what will happen if I DO exersize.
What do you all think?


Both myalgia (muscle pain) and fatigue are listed as side effects of Strattera. I'm wondering if what you're experiencing is from Strattera and not from your new job. Just a thought . . .

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The fatigue, aches & pains become a never ending cycle. You don't exercise because of how tired & achy you feel; yet at the same time exercise, generally, helps with those very same aches & helps energy levels.

I'd gotten a full physical recently & found that I've pernicious anemia that can cause the aches, pains & crushing fatigue. So I give myself vitamin B12 injections.

Additionally, I've been taking cymbalta for the last 4 months or so; it has really helped me with the depression (lack of energy) plus the body aches that have plagued me along with it.

Get in for a complete physcial; if cleared for exercise start out slow. Heck, at first I could only walk the dog 2 blocks with-o crashing for the rest of the day.

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I so know that feeling of getting home and being too tired to do anything. Definitely get a physical and if you get the all clear start an exercise program-even just walking. Like Linda said you will start slow at first. I know when I started I started slow. For me exercising helped my aches and pains. Eventually I brought my resting heartrate from a 90 to a 62 through exercising. Another great benefit is what exercise can do for one's outlook! I know it also helps me in dealing with my difficult child-I'm more relaxed and have more patience.


I know several years ago we went through some very rough times. I started excercising. sometimes going twice a day. I made myself. It really helped with the stress, plus lost a lot of weight. But now I have two dogs and need to let them out. Then when school is out I would feel guilty going to fitness center after work and leaviing difficult child home alone another 2 hours. I use to spend 4 hours for one workout. Two hours working out, one hour swimming, then shower, sauna and home. but it really did make a difference. Since I work till noon, 40 minute drive, then work out..feel guilty leaving difficult child home alone. he's not old enought to work out. It would probably help me sleep also. Now I take ambien most days and still only sleep 2 hours at a time.
Dr. just took 9 tubes of blood because of all my complaints. All came back well, cholesterol high. told me to change my diet and exercise.