Bored difficult child and blue hair

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by KTMom91, Nov 27, 2009.

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    Miss KT is not handling the long Thanksgiving weekend well at all. She's bored and cranky, since a lot of her friends are gone, so she decided to dye her hair. Blue. OK,'s just hair, and I don't care anyway.

    Fast forward an hour. Screaming, crying, drama..."OMG, I didn't know it would be this BLUE!" My tub is blue, her feet and shoulders are too...and she's stomping around the house with a ski hat on, frantically trying to find our stylist's number so he can FIX it.

    I shouldn't think it's funny...however, anyone who's dyed their own hair has messed it up at least once, and I can relate. in my opinion, it looks pretty good. I think she ought to wash it tomorrow and look at it then. She's ready to call Martin the Hair God at 6 am and beg him to redye it.
  2. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    I agree with you. She should sleep on it and wash it again in the morning. And then... well, I hear Smurfs are popular again these days...
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    LOL!!! Wiz can get the students to do anything he wants to his hair for very very little money, like none most of the time.

    He keeps showing us the red, or yellow, or blue, or green colors. Sadly, they can rarely be seen. His hair resists the process to take his dark brown out, so he ends up with a few almost visibly colored pieces of his curly hair. Except for the red. THAT ended up seriously looking like Ronald McDonald. Our Walmart used to have a McD''s inside in the back. They had a bench with a statue of Ronald McD on it that kids could sit on. Now it is just the bench. Wiz was sitting there waiting for me one day and a little boy, about 2 came up and climbed up on his lap after saying, "Hi Rodald"

    It was CUTE!!! But SOOO not what a 17yo boy wants to ahve happen!

    Anyway, I hope she settles down. Tell her that at least she doesn't look like ronald!
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    LOL!! Well, I agree with what you decided already. There's a little bit of "oops, I'm sorry" in here but also some "natural consequences- Mom had nothing to do with this one" in my opinion.