Boy, does Poison Control need to be educated!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by timer lady, Mar 31, 2009.

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    As kt was taking her medications tonight, she put her box for today away & got tomorrows medication box out for in the morning. She was talking a blue streak ( a bit manic or anxious) & before I could stop her she took her morning dose of medications as well.

    I called Poison Control because our local children's hospital would have had me bring her in for observation....I just know that hospital. Saying that, the Poison Control Center asked what doses of what kt took, her age & did she take her medications for epilepsy or for "behaviorial issues".

    Ladies, I about blew a gasket (I'm maybe a tiny bit sensitive of late), and I had to stop this gentleman in his tracks & explain that tegretol, seroquel & topamax is generally not given for "behaviorial issues" but for a mood disorder or bipolar. Very few psychiatrists hand out this level of medication for unwanted behaviors ~ it's a bit overkill. He might want to get that straight as it might confuse other parents as to their child's treatment plan. I repeated clearly "mood disorder or bipolar".

    My daughter might have been dying of an overdose & I had to straighten this guy out. Geez......what a putz!

    I've spent the majority of the night checking in on kt ~ making sure she wasn't too sedated & her breathing is strong (it is). I should be heading off to bed but it's a tad late, so I'll nap my way thru tomorrow.
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    wow. I think I would of called the pharmacy as well as the doctor. Hope all is ok and you get your naps in.
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    Good to hear kt is ok. The ignorance is amazing hug?

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    I hate to say it, but I'm not surprised. I was looking up something about types of in home help available in our state and I can't remember the exact web site I was on- it might have been the Dept. of Medical Assistance. Anyway, categories for adults included Mental Health. Categories for minors included substance abuse, daughter, MR, and Behavioral Problems- but not Mental Health.

    I don't think there is nearly enough information being put out to agencies or the public in general to spread awareness that MI in minors really can exist- and it isn't always a result of being abused or born to a drug-addicted mother.

    How is kt today?
  5. ML

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    I just hope she's ok now. How frustrating. Part of our cross to bear is educating the professionals sometimes. Let us know how she is doing.
  6. Star*

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    You gals can have a cross - I want a pitchfork if I'm going to get someones attention I want to get directly to the POINT.

    Hope KT is well -

    Did you send them a bill?

    Do you have any other contacts that you could call should this happen again?

    JUST HUGE HUGS......
  7. TerryJ2

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    I wonder if behavioral problems is like saying "natural mother" instead of birth mother? So people need to be educated and sentences need to be rewritten.
    So sorry about the lack of response. At least he asked her dosage, age and wt.
    I hope she's doing okay (and you too!)
  8. BestICan

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    My son takes tegretol for seizures. In various conversations with pharmacists I've been asked the question: "Is he taking this for seizures or bipolar?" That, at least, seems to be the standard way of phrasing the question at Rite-Aid.

    Once our dog ate a tegretol pill - I called the vet but that particular question didn't come up ;-)
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    Hmmm. Funny how you can take different things out of it!

    I wouldn't have batted an eye. I usually assume "behavioral problems/issues" is an attempt to be polite when discussing mental illness/conduct disorder/take-your-pick.

    Some people think saying the actual name of the "problem" is the same as saying "crazy" (and/or don't wanna say the wrong thing), so they use "behavioral issues". I've seen that quite a few times. Always assumed the person was TRYING to be sensitive. Never realized you could take it the exact opposite way, too! Live and learn!;)
  10. DammitJanet

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    Here they now call mental health Behavioral Health in many places...same thing.