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    We thinking about putting our son into Brain Balance. He has ADHD and sensory integration disorder.
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    I don't know anything about Brain Balance but a child I know has been going. His parents are thrilled with his results but all we see is a child becoming more of a problem. His parents feel he is finally feeling emotions and they are estatic but now he screams at the top of his lungs if he doesn't get his way, has become fixated on a another child (who was his best friend) and threatened to kill him, has scared away classmates to the point he has no friends, and stares into space for periods of time as if he is having a seizure.
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    What is brain balance?
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    unc tarheel- Good luck and let us know how its working if you do!

    I dont know if this link will

    Basically Brain Training without medications, and working with the kids .. too much info to put in my own words, I feel bad about copying and pasting it all. But it does sound interesting!!!
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    well, my copy and paste then press is just not going as planned!! Sorry, can someone else try? Thanks!
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    Thanks for the link
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    your welcome, sorry it didnt post right!