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    Just wanted to check in with you and see how things were going. Any updates?
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    Oh thanks for thinking of me. Did you read my post titled "1 broken laptop + 1 broken phone = I hate my life ? That pretty much sums up how things are going. It has been 2 uneventful days so far....tomorrow will probably be a horror as we usually only get 2 or 3 days of peace before another incident. Keeping my fingers crossed. If you read the post I mentioned above you'll see that my case manager does not want to go back to court anymore as we have been so many times, he thinks we lack credibility at this point. So I am waiting to hear from him regarding some new services he is trying to put in place. He wants to see my daughter go to a long term psychiatric hospital or something like that, something more therapeutic than a behavioral Residential Treatment Center (RTC). Let's see how long this takes!!!! He said about a month, he advised me to call an ambulance if we have another violent episode. I will keep you posted. So far no black eye!!! :)