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I went for my first mammogram this week. I'm 42 and had been putting it off for the past couple of years, but my mom's sister recently was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer, so that prompted me more.

The results came back abnormal. I knew something was up when the technician kept leaving the room to check with the radiologist and then came back to take more scans and magnifications and angles, etc.

I have a cluster of microcalcifications on one side, and these are sometimes indicative of cancer. If they are clustered, show up in only one breast, and have irregular shapes, they are more worrisome. It is my understanding at this point that if cancerous, it will probably be an early cancer in the ducts, which is usually confined to the ducts.

The radiololgist is not comfortable taking a wait-and-see approach and just rechecking in 6 - 12 months. So . . . a biopsy is recommended, and I am meeting with a surgeon soon.

Of course I am feeling very anxious. I have a long history of endometriosis and failed fertility treatments. I wasn't able to have children. My body has betrayed me on many occasions.

I'm kicking myself for not having a mammogram a couple of years ago, but that's when JT graduated high school and his downward spiral began. I put the mammogram on the back burner.

I don't have a huge support system, as dealing with our children has been so consuming we haven't been able to develop a great social life. Also, we have moved multiple times, and that hasn't helped either.

Most likely the test will show a benign condition, I know. I just feel really anxious about this, and it's been a tough 48 hours so far. I'm trying very hard not to "borrow trouble", as my mother used to say and just take things as they come.

If nothing else, this is opening my eyes to the fact of how important it really is to take better care of myself, despite whatever is happening with difficult children.


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Sending good thoughts and prayers SB, I know it's tough to wait, in the meantime, do nurturing, nourishing, kind things for yourself. Have a massage, have your nails done, every day do a kind thing for yourself, every. single. day. No excuses now, be loving towards YOU. You deserve it. Now? It's ALL ABOUT YOU!!


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I am so sorry you are dealing with this. It is never fun to learn that something may be wrong with you. I completely and totally understand the feeling that your body is betraying you again and how difficult that is to deal with.

Know that you are in my heart and mind and prayers. (((((hugs)))))


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I know how you feel. It's so scary and the waiting is so stressful too. Just keep in mind, you are in good hands now. Whatever it is, either way, you are being cared for. The doctors will get it, and early is good. Don't beat yourself up about what you didn't do last year. We're here for you. (Hugs!)


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I had a microcalcification that was Stage 0 cancerous 18 years ago. I may never have had cancer if I had done nothing, they now say, but I'm the nervous sort so I made them do a masectomy. I'm glad I did. Absolutely no problem since. These are very, VERY VERY slow growing. Stage 0 means they haven't even left the ducts and a lumpectomy should do the trick forever.

I did, however, take the newer genetics test to make sure I'm not "prone" to female cancers and I'm not. But if you do have early cancer and cancer in the family, sometimes it is advised to take the genetics test just to be sure.They can do proactive care if it comes back that you are prone to female cancers. A few stars have had the precautions done when the genetics test came back positive for this gene...Kristina Applegate is one (God, hope I got her name right). She is doing fabulously well.

Relax. This is not a deadly deal. The biopsy is pretty easy and doesn't hurt. Did the doctor reassure you like mine did me?


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I know exactly the stress you are feeling. My mammogram in 2013 showed the microcalcifications too and I had a biopsy done. They didn't tell me that was what it was and so I spent a week feeling for a lump! When I finally saw the surgeon I realized why I couldn't find anything. I outweighed the machine for the needle biopsy by 5 lbs. They offered to give me a month to lose that weight, but I couldn't bear the thought and so did a surgical biopsy, which turned out to be benign.

The stress may well be worse than the procedure. Warm hugs and good vibes sent your way. You're in my prayers.

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Thanks everybody. It helps posting and receiving support.

I haven't spoken to either a physician or the radiologist yet. My family doctor is on vacation this week, and the technician shared the radiologist's advisement to have the biopsy. So the technician and a nurse are the only professionals I've spoken with about this. I will be seeing the surgeon this week, so I hope to get more questions answered then.

I am very hopeful that all will be well and that if it is cancer it will be early (hopefully) and treatable at this point. I have had some bad luck with other female health issues, so that is haunting my thoughts. But I am an otherwise healthy person. I am very slim and training for a half marathon, so I run 5 - 12 miles per day. My blood pressure and cholesterol are great, and I don't drink, smoke, or use any medications. I eat healthy food. I always get a perfect score on my health risk assessment at work. Though I am rarely ill with a cold or flu, I seem to be plagued with some neurological and immune issues, such as endo, migraines, gluten sensitivity, tinnitus, fatigue, transient skin rashes, and other things. I have had skin cancer as well, even though I never go for tanning.

I am doing alright today, and believe it or not, this site's mantra of the serenity prayer is really helping me cope. I cannot change whether or not I currently have cancer cells, but I am doing everything needed at this point. Worrying and fretting are not helpful, so I can let go of the control I am trying to muster over that which is not controllable.

Thanks again, everyone. I'll keep you posted.


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Prayers. I had to have a biopsy years ago. Mine turned out to be intraductile papillomas. I hope yours will go fine as well.

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I want to add that I had breast cancer at age 34, 14 years ago. I had a double mastectomy, chemo. I am fine, also I have the BRCA 1 gene. Early is good, you can get through this.

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Hang in there, Stress Bunny. The waiting is the hardest part. Do something nice for yourself, and remember that we're here for you. :sunny: Caring hugs sent your way...