Brief Update --- The Mostly Good, The New Wrinkle, The Gratitude


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Brief Update:

The Mostly Good --- difficult child still in rehab, genuinely working the program. Looks good (putting on weight, appetite back), sounds good (overall calmer, more reachable -- still has gaps at times, but seems better). Case manager is invaluable with assistance.

The New Wrinkle --- difficult child just diagnosis'd with MRSA. He's openly scared. Will see where it goes for him, medically, as he needs a full medical work-up (he has open sores bursting now).

The Gratitude --- Generally speaking, we have had several good conversations with difficult child. More than we've had in years. As such, we are being wise to keep certain boundaries (time, distance, etc) to keep things positive between us. And that is exactly what we tell difficult child about our boundaries -- "Things are going well and we want to keep it that way." So far, so good. :)

Oh, a second Gratitude, too --- To whomever it was that said the phrase "Radical Acceptance" to me in this forum.....THANK YOU! :) I got a little dazed last week with stuff, but that phrase "Radical Acceptance" kept coming back to my mind like a beacon light and I greatly appreciated it! It re-centered me and husband, both, in all good ways, so it's been our mantra for days now.

"Radical Acceptance" is such a very helpful mantra for bringing wisdom, understanding, and love into full bloom in seeing and acting in The Big Picture!


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That is amazing things are going so well. It's too bad he has MRSA, but at least he is in a place now where he can get it treated, so that's another thing to be thankful for. After stopping hard core drugs, his body will get worse before it gets better I assume. I quit smoking and you wouldn't believe all the alignments that came out and reared their ugly heads for like a good 4 months. It was horrible. At that time, I was seriously questioning why I quit smoking, but now I am over the hump thank goodness and feel better than ever. Anyway, keeping my fingers, toes and hairs crossed for ya!


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GM -- Thank you so much! My fingers, toes and hairs (ha! Love that! And I have long hair, so there's a whole lotta crossin' goin' on there!) are crossed for you, too! :)

Also, thanks for sharing your experience about physical sensations of change in early stages of recovery. Powerful transitions carry powerful responses of all sorts!


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Glad things sound mostly positive.

I have had several bouts of MRSA and while its not fun it can be treated. If he is having the boils coming up I know they are painful. Antibiotics and hot wash cloths with epsom salts help.


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DJ -- Thanks for sharing your experience with MRSA. Yes, he has armpit boils right now. He's on heavy-hitter oral antibiotics. Glad to hear, I hope, that your MRSA bouts are less often nowadays?


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My youngest got MRSA when she was little just one spot but I remember we had to do a long term antibiotic and keep her away from my aunt who was a caregiver for a great aunt. The great aunt was in a nursing home so they didn't wan't MRSA anywhere near it. I understood. It definitely wasn't pleasant though. Poor thing has a scar from where the boils burst open. ICK!

Anyway glad to hear things are looking up and I hope difficult child stays smart about taking care of the wound and not getting around anyone he shouldn't.