Bubba's on prednisone...

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    Long story short, Bubba had what at best could be called a sinus infection that wouldn't go away for three months. We did the antibiotics three times and they didn't work. At 11 years old, he is towards the end of his life, but in very good health for his age. We finally resigned ourselves to "it may be cancer" and had him CT'd and biopsied for cancer and for fungus. Vet and specialist swore that with the amount of, um, well, really thick snot, that he had, it really must be one or the other.

    End result of testing was that he had no growths in his sinuses. They even bored a hole above his eye to check his upper sinus and all of the biopsies came out clear. This was two weeks ago. He had been on Novox, an anti-inflammatory, for pain. The new treatment is prednisone for allergies, or an "inflammation of unknown origin". He had to get the novox out of his system first, as the combination could cause stomach problems. If it turns out that there is a tumor or fungus, prednisone would make it grow like crazy.

    So, he has been on the pred since Monday. A moderate dose. In the past couple of days, his nose has started really running, but not so thick. He can be asleep, and he will have a half dollar sized pool of stuff laying on the doggie bed under his nose.

    I have no experience with steroids in dogs or people. He has been good about not over-eating, not that we give him a chance. He has been drinking more water, but so far no accidents. But we are worried that perhaps there is something up there that the pred is making grow, because we don't know what it is that we should be looking for. Can anyone tell me if this is normal? We're really at the end of our testing limits. Between the visits for supposed kennel cough/infection and the sedated exploratory surgery, we are into this about $3,500. They've run every blood test and biopsy they could. It's the weekend and the clinic is closed, and this drainage is new. I'm hoping someone can tell me that it's ok.

    Thanks in advance!
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    I will be thinking of Bubba... and you. Hugs
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    Thanks, Suz. I looked at those, but I didn't see anything about nasal discharge. But at least it's not thick, and maybe this is breaking it up. I'm trying to keep a positive outlook, but it's hard. He's my little guy.

    Toto, I've thought of you and your family and Indy often the past few days. I hope you will find that love again soon.