Bucks new home! Giggles

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    Buck has the uncanny ability to honeymoon like most difficult child's. He can be personable and seem fairly likable when you first meet him. In fact, years ago when Buck came down to stay with us Tony tried to warn me about Buck but I didnt believe him myself and after the first couple of days I told Tony that I didnt know what he was talking about because Buck seemed like a very nice guy! Oh but it only took about 2 weeks before I was eating those words...lmao.

    Well yesterday Tony had to go up to Scotty's to talk to him about something and Scotty's mom came out and said she was so pleased with having Buck there and he was just the perfect house guest. She had no clue why we would have such difficulty letting him stay with us but she was happy to have him. Tony said he wanted to tell her to give it a few weeks and then see if she was thinking the same thing...lol...but he just smiled and told her he was happy they were happy together. No one has ever been able to live with Buck for more than a month without wanting to kick him out.

    Its been what? A week now? I give her another week or two before she is pulling her hair out. Maybe it will get until next month when rent comes due. He hasnt even gotten his food stamps for this month yet so lets see if he gives her what she is expecting or if he puts food in the house or hoards it in his room like he did here and then expects her to feed him anyway.
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    As much as my attitude / views on M have changed............... I still doubt if I could live with him 24/7. lol

    Buck certainly does have a pattern going on. I'd just make sure Tony is on YOUR side about him never coming back again, even temporarily.
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    Fingers crossed that Buck realizes he has burned his bridges and decides to be a good boy for a long time! DDD