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    On the fascinating - not so fascinating if you have them - topic of bugs in hair, I have been doing a little reading on this as there is an outbreak of head lice at J's school. Seems that 15 or so drops of tea tree oil mixed with a little vegetable oil, added to hair and rubbed into scalp, hair then covered for 3 hours, does the trick!
    Don't know if your daughter is now bug-free, IC? Here's hoping...
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    That makes sense. I have been told in many settings over time that African American kids tend not to get lice as easily. It is not because they are Black...it is felt it is because the eggs can't attach as easily due to the kinds of products often used in AA hair. (so obviously, we all know AA kids who have had lice, but likely kids who are not into using such products). Our adoption company owner has several kids from all over the world. A couple came with huge cases of lice that were so hard to get rid of, it took months and months. They finally found putting conditioner on their hair and putting it in a shower cap allowed for them to die off and no new eggs to attach. I bet the tea tree oil also has smell/taste however bugs perceive things, properties too.

    Malika, I had lice. Caught it from my niece. It was just before Q came home. I owned and operated a daycare from my home at that time. Not one kid got it. I didn't know for quite a while, but still it didn't spread and I took care of the little ones...babies and toddlers. MY business partner took care of the preschoolers. I had kids held in my arms and snuggling every single day. NOT ONE got anything. My doctor said that is common when appropriate measures are taken before an outbreak so spread is minimized. Make sure he has a separate place to put his coat. Hat and mittens go in the sleeve of his coat for the day when it is hanging up. Dont play dressup using material clothes and hats... all plastic costume hats and should be treated and washed daily. Make sure they dont have a bunch of plush toys.... especially things kids lie on and with during naps. Never share nap spots, cots, mats etc. They should be washed/disinfected daily. Use only his own blanket . Check for warning signs that the center may be not following good protocols for avoiding spread in the first place. Just my experience here. I had PTSD about that for a long time. Seriously, almost burned my house down because I was boiling brushes a month later and fell asleep on my couch and the water boiled out. House filled with plastic smelling smoke!
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    Americans are much more hygiene- and cleanliness-conscious than we slovenly Europeans... no-one wants or likes head lice, obviously, but maybe they are that much more shocking and distressing in the States? I once did a houseswap with a lady from Washington Difficult Child (when I had a cottage in Wales, years ago). Before she came, I obviously spent what seemed to me a long time cleaning everything and making sure it was pleasant for her to arrive to. However, while in my place she was very distressed (she told a neighbour of mine) at how "dirty" everything was, which included such things as the fact that the rugs had not all been freshly dry-cleaned... Her place, incidentally, was very beautiful and absolutely pristine... I felt frightened to touch anything.
    by the way, Buddy, I hope you are sleeping okay these days? You seem to be online during my morning which I would think is your night??