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    Well.... remember how Q got bullied off the bus by the driver? so they gave him two new buses by himself....one from the district pool and one from teh contract pool....different drivers etc. Then they switched the afternoon bus again to another one from teh district so it could come earlier (when it came a little late Q was outside waiting too long....not a good scene)... so that was bus 4 he has had that one for a couple of weeks, now they called and said that they have to switch to a contract bus again, they need the one that Q is riding for something. HUH? they get it that we go thru a screening, then train and these people work on a behavior plan and get supplied with reinforcers etc. UGG and when is it gonna start? tomorrow. And when are they doing the training? tomorrow morning at 9:30 but we are at the ortho at that time so I cant go. Nothing to do because they have to drive him that afternoon.

    If I have to cancel buses, then I have to call both companies now. It just stinks. When to tell him? this is his 5th bus driver/aide combo iin 3 months. The kid who can handle change the least is getting it the most. And I said if he has a bad day, they just ahve to suck it up.

    the sp ed coordinator called tonight (another story, I just passed it along to the lawyer ....blah) and I asked her if she knew he was getting a new bus again thru no fault of his??? She said no, but she will investigate. I believe it since we have the lawyer. But I asked her to emphasize that this has to be it. NO more switches. Unless they are awful to him...then they get fired this time ok?? I am sure she wont pass that along but.... sigh.

    So, do I tell him tonight to prep him or do I wait and spring it on him? Either way there will be a period of unrest. His teacher thought it started Monday, nope I told her...check again.... it is Thurs. Now she is freaking out too. she knows that they are in for it and she is not happy with them.

    I hate everyone right now. I better get over this hormone thing.
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    I would be tempted to not say anything and when the new bus shows up, you can act surprised and play dumb so he doesn't blame YOU. This is koi and they know it. Use a different bus for the other "something", not Q's. Is it the morning bus or the afternoon bus that is changing? If it's the afternoon, let THEM worry about telling him and dealing with him. NOT your concern. THEY brought it on, THEY can deal with it. JMHO. I do NOT envy you one bit.
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    it is the afternoon one, and even if it is their problem it will be mine because he will flip out and they will call me. ugg and now with him falling apart tonight...ugg My head feels like there is a vice on it.
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    so when they call you tell them it's their fault, they need to stop messing his schedule around by switching buses on him and it's their responsibility to provide him with appropriate transportation so if it's not the bus then maybe the principle should drive him...hehe.. that should get their panties in a bunch.
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    YOu know, one time last year, when the other driver abused him, they had the teacher ride the bus with him, with mr sp ed admin driving behind then she jumped in his car and they drove back to school. Really, they knew they were in huge trouble.