By god, I think she's got it!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by timer lady, Jan 17, 2008.

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    kt came home from day treatment/school genuinely excited about something. She asked husband (who takes break when kt gets home to spend a bit of time with her before he heads back to his office) to leave the room so we could have a "lady" talk.

    I pumped myself up for something bizarre or some major trouble at school.

    Not this time. Apparently during her life skills group one of the boys there announced that his mom was going to buy him a Nintendo DS if he stayed on level 3 for 20 days.

    kt spoke out & told her group "my mom won't do that - she expects me to do what is right & stay on level 3 until I earn level 4. Every morning she tells me she loves me & to make good choices. It helps me through the day."

    The group applauded kt & group leader took her aside & congratulated kt on working the program because she wanted to please me. (Also gave kt an extra 15 points for speaking up.) kt also apologized to the young man who's trying to earn the Nintendo - wanted him to know that she didn't want to hurt his feelings. It just works different at our house.

    I was so very proud of my baby girl. There are things that are clicking for her.

    She'll likely get a DS for her b/day this July - she just doesn't know it. Shhhhh!
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    :woohoo: :you_go_girl:

    What a proud mom day for you! Way To Go kt!!!
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    That is so awesome. I love it when they get it. How proud you deserve to be. And I will be sure to keep the secret.

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    I'm just beaming. Kt bug has sure come a long way. :bravo:

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    difficult child 3's psychologist saw him playing Nintendogs on his DS and commented on how good it was as a game, for teaching him social skills and empathy.

    Increasingly, we've noticed that more recent games and game systems seem to be really good teaching tools/interactive tools.

    I hope you'll find the same for kt, when her birthday comes round.

    Sounds like she is making wonderful progress.

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    Way To Go kt! :bravo:

    Those are moments that just make a parent beam with pride.
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    Yup, definitely bizarre -- a "problem child" getting it! What a wonderful little speech she gave. It showed understanding, thoughtfulness and, most of all, the love in her home. Good going all of you!
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    How very cool! I have tears of joy in my eyes! Way To Go kt :bravo:
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    Way to go! Those great mom days are precious!!! Hold onto that feeling and run with it - you rock!!!
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    :bravo: Good job KT!! :woohoo:
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    THAT is so awesome - I love an outspoken woman!