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  1. Wiped Out

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    go wrong tonight? I'm almost afraid to ask.

    husband went home sick today with a horrible cold so I told him I would pick both kids up (this meant about an extra 30 minutes of driving on my part but it would have meant about 75 minutes for him). He said he would fry the potatoes for supper. I go to pick up difficult child and he is angry as can be that it's me and not dad. Oh well-get over it. Of course, I'm a "B" for picking him up and Dad's an "N" for not picking him up.

    I call easy child and said be ready and be outside when I get there. After I get there she isn't outside and I ended up having to wait about 12 more minutes which wouldn't be such a big deal but I have difficult child in the car and at least a 25 minute or more ride ahead of us.

    husband called on my way home to remind me to stop and pick up the soda so another detour to the grocery store because I remembered some other stuff to pick up.

    When I got to within a mile of home, husband called and said how close were we and not to hurry home because he had just put out a fire in the kitchen. We were too close and so we came home. The house was full of smoke, the window open (it's freezing), and the smoke alarm was going off because we couldn't get it to stop!

    Minor smoke damage in the kitchen. Poor husband-accidentally put the cover on the oil while it was heating-even though he's made the potatoes several times before-and when he took the cover off flames shot up. Poor husband-he kept apologizing. No need to as it was an accident. We ended up ordering pizza.

    My principal called me at home to say I was getting another student tomorrow which puts me up to 27 which is huge! Last year I was at 21 most of the year.

    Then easy child who has constipation problems used the toilet. I asked her if it was o.k. for me to use and she said "it went down".

    I go to use it and, yep, you guessed it the thing overflowed :grrr:

    This sent me over the edge and I yelled. She said thanks for yelling and making her night worse. I was mad and told her if she drank the water she was supposed to or took the medications the doctor at prescribed for this I wouldn't be upset.

    She is trying hard to get another long term assignment done that she put off plus she has additional homework. She isn't using her study hall time for anything but talking-this by her own admission.

    Of course, I'm feeling guilty that I lost it and yelled and now she doesn't want to be anywhere near me.

    Sorry this is such a long whine and I know I just vented the other day about wanting to hide over in general but I had to get this out because I'm ready to either cry or scream or both! O.k. pity party is now done!
  2. 4sumrzn

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    Go for the scream....crying just makes the eyes puffy. Wow, you made me sleepy reading about your day! I hope you have a great day tomorrow....that's what i wish for after a day like you had today!
  3. mrscatinthehat

    mrscatinthehat Seussical

    We all have those days. Whine away. Time to have some you time to recharge the batteries.

    Sending some hugs.

  4. flutterbee

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    Don't beat yourself up for yelling. easy child is 14 and old enough to know better, yet it was one more thing that became your problem tonight. So sorry.

    I'd go for screaming, too. Crying makes your eyes puffy and your nose stuffy and gives you a headache.
  5. Star*

    Star* call 911

    Go to my post about dysfunctional letters and fire off a few.

    Sorry you're having such a crappy, fire, freezing, poop, stopped up, nasty name calling, long drive, pizza over fried potatoes day.

    Just the burnt potatoes would have put me on the fritz.

  6. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    I think I'd stand in the middle of the front yard and scream my lungs out just for the heck of it.

    Even Moms deserve difficult child moments once in awhile.


    What a day and a half!!

    That's why I don't fry potatoes in oil. Only artery clogging pure butter for least 2 whole sticks. YUM!

    Poor husband must be feeling crummy about the damage. :frown:

    I hope tomorrow is a MUCH better day.

  7. Kathy813

    Kathy813 Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Well, the only good thing about a day like that is that tomorrow has got to be better! Nowhere to go but up.

  8. meowbunny

    meowbunny New Member

    Why do I think it will a long, long, LONG time before husband fries potatoes for you again?

    What a horrid, ugly, nasty day.

    I'm a firm believer in being polite whenever possible, so, I'd say the appropriate response to your daughter would be, "You're welcome. Let me know if you think I can make YOUR day any more miserable. I'm sure between the two of us we can come up with something." Granted, you probably wouldn't have yelled at your darling daughter had the day been even remotely better but she knows what she needs to do. Not much sympathy here for the little darling. (by the way, although I'm almost afraid to ask -- who cleaned up the mess?)

    I'd offer you a hiding place here in Florida but (1) we're having a heatwave with humidity that just makes everyone miserable and (2) I'd probably put you to work finishing the unpacking and moving furniture and the like. So, best I can offer is a hug or two and lots of sympathy. Hope it helps a little.
  9. timer lady

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    That is such a loaded question - of course more can go wrong. I'm keeping all body parts crossed & sending positive thoughts that tomorrow is a better day; the stink will be out of your house, easy child will take a normal poop (gross I know, sorry) & that difficult child gets that bug out of his little butt & pulls it together to the best of his ability.

    In the meantime, take care of yourself.
  10. Wiped Out

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    Thanks Ladies for your support.

    4sumrzn-Thanks-I hope today is a better one. I should have screamed instead of cried but the night progressed and eventually the tears came.

    Beth-I think you're right-my batteries need recharging. Thanks for the hugs.

    Heather-Yeah the screaming would have been better than my crying-wish that was what I had chosen. Thanks for pointing out that easy child should have known better.

    Star-Thanks-your post made me laugh and I needed that! Yeah-the not getting fried potatoes was a bummer!

    Lisa-Fried in butter sounds delicious too-yummm! husband does feel really bad.

    Kathy-So true! Today has to be a better day! If not I'm in trouble!!

    Meowbunny-I love that response-wish I had used it! by the way, husband cleaned up the mess. I kept offering to help but he said he had done it. I said true but I would have wanted help if it had been me. I did help with the toilet mess. The hugs and sympathy do help!

    Linda-It was a loaded question-things with easy child went down hill and kept me up past midnight. I have decided I need to detach when it comes to her and homework or any school stuff. Now if I can only do it! Thanks for the positive thoughts-I had a huge smile over your wording!
  11. busywend

    busywend Well-Known Member

    Hope today is better!
  12. susiestar

    susiestar Roll With It

    hon, maybe if the day started with :smile: it would be better, but don't make it a problem habit!

    I hope every day is better than that one.

    Why is easy child's homework your problem? Is she drawing you into the mess she makes of it? If she isn't doing it at study hall, then she obviously doesn't need help, does she? Her grades are her problem. If they are not good then no after school stuff. Tough cookies if you won't help her. She has all sorts of help available at school, if she jsut will use it. Just my opinion, but geez, don't you have enough on your plate??

    Sorry hon.

  13. Wiped Out

    Wiped Out Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Busywend-Thanks today was better except easy child is so mad at me!

    Susie-You are right-I'm going to try and let her grades be her problem. I've been so concerned because she is in a program that if she gets accepted to the University here she will have a full paid scholarship. After last night I'm thinking if she messes it up she'll just have to learn the hard way and work a few years before she goes to college!
  14. Sunlight

    Sunlight Active Member

    Sharon, I have learned to never say..."what more can happen?"
    things I never dreamed up happen all the time.
    hope today is triple as good as yesterday was bad.
  15. TerryJ2

    TerryJ2 Well-Known Member

    Oh, Sharon, you poor thing!
    Tomorrow will be better.

    :smile: :flower: