Can he handle it??

Discussion in 'Special Ed 101' started by wakeupcall, Feb 5, 2008.

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    difficult child is twelve and in intermediate school this year. The lesser of the elective evils was Band where he plays the trumpet. The band has a mandatory rehearsal on the 2/22 starting at 6:00 PM. Following that, there is pizza, organized games, then some free time, ending at 11:00 PM!! (All supervised, of course) By the time school is over he is SO UNmedicated that he's a monster. I don't know how I could get him through the rehearsal, much less the rest of the activities!! I hate to deprive him of the fun, but how do I do this? ((If I were to attend it, he would just be worse.)) difficult child acts just horribly when his medications are gone; I not only think he would misbehave, but embarrass himself, also. He needs to learn how to act in public, I know. He's just so immature that he hasn't figured that part out yet.

    Any ideas??
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    I forgot to add that he's in a social development Special Education class all day at school. Band is one of his hours out of that classroom each day. He doesn't interact with the masses all day, every day, in the first place.
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    What if you sent him into school late and didn't medicate him until you took him in, then you took him to the band practice but left early, maybe after pizza. Any chance this could work, or call psychiatrist and ask their advice.
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    Would you be comfortable giving the medications to the band director or another adult- teacher or parent - to give to difficult child? Could you tell difficult child ahead that you will come for five mins only to speak to him alone- really give him his medications- then leave? Any chance you can let difficult child take medications with hiim and take them on his own?
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    Can't think of anything that hasn't been addressed except to get with-psychiatrist and maybe arrange for a boost in the pm for when he has to stay at school late.
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    Therapist says to let him go, contact the band director and tell him ANY funny stuff starts happening, call us and we'll come get him immediately. It was funny (not ha-ha funny) to see difficult child at the therapist yesterday totally UNmedicated. All he said was, "Well, he's not as bad as he was a year ago." Great, just great...