Can one thing make such a big difference?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by rejectedmom, Jan 7, 2013.

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    I spent the last ten years of my life feeling horrible and was sick most of the time. Was always tired, got many infections, osteoporosis, and arthritis was taking over my body. Then last year my bone scan came back horrible and we knew we had to do something. I did my research and decided to go on bio-identical progesterone. Yes I am aware of the risks but really was at a point where there were not many options. So I had breast scans and overies scanned and a bunch of other tests to make sure there was no undiagnosed cancers going on then started taking the projestin.

    Fast foward 7 months. I am sleeping better, have uber energy, am going to a gym with my doctor's permission, have joined two social clubs, am giving art lessons to my grandkids on weekends and am volunteering again.

    One little pill... one big difference. Yes I still have many health issues but I no longer feel like **** every moment of every day. I wish my doctor would have put me on this after the histerectomy but I was too high risk for stroke due to vascular problems. Well honestly I was living half dead anyway. I wish I knew what it could do for me. I would have insisted I be put on it instead of loosing ten years of my life to illness.

    My recent bone scan says I have not lost any additional bone. Hoping my next one in 6 months says I am finally starting to build it.

    I actually feel like what I think a fairly normal 60+ person feels like. Sure I have my aches and pains, am slower than I used to be, have arthritis, Thyroid issues, and an autoimmune disorder. But I no longer feel like every day is an ordeal to be gotten through. The quality of ones life is very important. I just wanted to share that. -RM
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    How very inspiring! I have not felt myself since my hysterectomy either. How is this related?
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    Wonderful news RM, I am so happy the quality of your life is so improved, you're so right, that is so important. Enjoy!
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    Busywend, Most of us think progesterone is a harmone that only afects our menstral cycle. Nothing could be further from the truth. Progesterone influences many biological processes and more are being found as research continues. It is now being used to treat MS for its role in mylinazation of the nerves.

    When you have a hysterectomy your harmone levels go way down. This is true even if you keep your overies like I did. My doctor said that the surgery causes them to go into shock and they often shut down completly shortly thereafter. I always tested low on progesterone after my surgery but because of other issues and the risks involved with HRT I was not put on supplemental harmones. Honestly, I don't think any of my doctors thought it would make such a difference. I know I didn't. For me at least, it seems to be the missing piece. Thyroid medicine, which I have been on for a couple of years, helped but didn't do it all.

    I dread when they tell me it is time to stop taking the progesterone. I like what it has done for me. -RM
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    I am so thrilled to hear this.

    I have a similar story with actonel. I went into menapause very early and my dr at the time put me on HRT before all the research came out about it's harmful effects. I felt like a million bucks, like I had found the fountain of youth. I was on it many years until we could no longer ignore the research. My bone scans started coming back bad and I was put on actonel. Several years later my bone loss stabelized and I actually gained bone mass. I stopped taking actonel about three years ago when the research showed there was a higher risk of bone fractures. My bone densities were fairly stable and we thought it was OK. Obviously it caught up with me and I spent about six months interrible bone pain and arthritic pain and my bone density came back the worst it's ever been. I started the actonel back up about six months ago and started a new arthritis medication and I am am feeling much better now. I go through the day with little or no pain and my bones feel stronger.

    The moral of the story for me is we have to do our own research and know the risks and benefits and feel comfortable with what we are taking. I don't accept that I have to live my life in pain everyday.

  6. recoveringenabler

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    Busywend, there is a website/organization called Women to Women,, comprised of women doctors and others who have a lot of knowledge, offer a vitamin protocol, have a phone line to call in and talk to someone, and is an all around great resource. Not all Dr's are well versed in the issues we face as women and there is not as much research money devoted to women's issues as to men's. I had to work my way through my own research wherever my health was involved. The women to women website has lots of information on it and you can order products from them which work. I used their vitamins for a long time during menopause and they helped. A hysterectomy is a whole different ball game and requires a different approach. These women may be able to assist you in whatever your needs presently are.
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    I think the moral of the story for ALL of us is the same... for ourselves, or for our difficult children.
    Know the risks and the benefits, and make sure the benefits outweight the risks.
    Too often, people don't question... just do whatever the doctor says. Other people blindly refuse the things that could provide major benefit, because all they see is the risks. Neither extreme is healthy or appropriate.
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    I researched bio identical hormones and came across a book by, of all people, Suzanne Somers, lol. It was, actually, very enlightening and I could see how it would give a lot of women hope where there once was none.

    I am so very happy for you!!
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    Thank you ladies. It feels so good to be able to do things again without suffering for days afterwards. It isn't that often that I get to post really good stuff on this forum. I just had to share!!! I am off to the gym! -RM
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    My aunt started them a few years ago. She was suffering from several weird things, including intermittent acute porferia (sp?), which caused her so many problems. She started seeing a homeopath who got her cleaned up and put her on BIHs and she feels like a million bucks....AND she can eat and drink anything in moderation now, which she couldn't even have a sip of wine without ending up in the bathroom for hours before.

    So, yes, I can believe that it would make a difference. I'm sorry you didn't get this earlier, but really glad you are so much better.
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    VERY good! Congratulations. Thank you for posting this.