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    bipolar disorder to me? I feel really dumb, but I'm really trying to understand this disorder... difficult child's BM, step father, aunt and little sister have all been diagnosed with this.

    BM has told me she's on Risperdal (so is difficult child) and that the doctor was trying to find her an alternative drug to Lithium because everything has latex in it and she's allergic to it. Anyway, what are some of the symptons and what is cycling/rapid cycling?

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    It would be good to get a copy of the Bipolar Child. It's a bible to me along with a few other books, i.e. The Explosive Child & Parenting with Love & Logic.
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    Thank you!!
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    Remember BiPolar (BP) is a spectrum so the lists of symptoms vary for everyone. Some Doctors will say, "You have to have sleep issues". I had one tell me that I had to have binge spending! Which I did... But this is not true, nothing is set in stone especially for our kids. The DSM criteria is made up by a panel and argued over and then they settle because they have to. But many psychiatristS feel it doesn't always cover every aspect.
    But on the other hand some people who look like they have Mental Illness actually have another issues and vice versa.
    Treating the symptoms and keeping track of them is key.
    I hope you can find some answers.