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    difficult child 2 got "tentatively accepted" to the next round of a major clinical research study.

    it was a LONG road, and technically she doesnt meet the study criteria OR the diagnostic criteria so far, but i think they took a lot of pity on me and never hesitate to tell me we could be asked to leave the study sooner than later. i invested a ton of time and energy in this whole thing--it was starting to become my lifes work.

    but is great news on so many levels--this next round is a complete neuropsychologist evaluation with written report and while they "cant diagnosis" other disorders, they will be more than happy to refer me along. :dance: i feel like however it goes, it will at least get us one step closer to the right path, even if we dont get actually on it. that coupled with a new psychiatrist--appointment next week--will hopefully be a gamechanger for my difficult child 2. rule out is sometimes as useful as R/I if you ask me.

    i could care less about "subsequent study rounds", lol....i just want the thorough workup by by qualified, objective professionals and a report in hand...the other rounds are more for the study benefit. (there are no more reports unless they find something seriously medically wrong, and we dont suspect that kind of thing).

    but i'd have never had the idea if it wasnt for this board and the people on it--so i can't thank you all enough. REALLY! :yourock:
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    YAY! Congrats to you and difficult child. Gottal love all the FREE stuff to be gained from research studies.
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    Im not exactly sure where you are but from something you said on the previous post about this study, I have a feeling we may not be too far from each other. If so, I hope you get the results you want. Also if so, if you ever want to contact me, PM!