Cat is sick?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by bby31288, Dec 11, 2009.

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    Hi everyone...I'm not sure if my cat is sick. I have two orange kitties. Brothers. One is slightly bigger than the other, we call them big orange kitty and little orange kitty! Anyhow. They have both been droolers. Especially if you are petting them and they are purring, they go into this state of euphoria and drool. But husband noticed that the big orange kitty is drooling all the time. Big puddles all over. The floor, the beds, where ever he is. He is eating fine, not losing weight, drinking fine. Should I worry? I'm trying to avoid a trip to the vet for nothing. Especially with Christmas right around the corner. He does go outside, so I'm not sure if he ate something. He seems to be acting normal except for the drool. Also we did move and have been in the house about 3 weeks now. Is stress possible? Any insight?
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    I would't worry too much. One of mine (Possum) snots everywhere. Especially when he's purring, his nose runs.

    Lots of cats drool. And lots of them drool a LOT. Unless it's a real problem, as long as he is exhibiting NO OTHER SIGNS of anything, I wouldn't worry.

    It can be pretty gross, though.
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    Is there any chance kitty has something caught in his mouth/throat? Obviously, if there is it's not blocking his airway but that could be the cause of it.

    I would at least give the vet a call and see what they say. It won't cost a thing and it can't hurt.
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    That link is really good, and basically said what I was going to say - look in your cat's mouth, check for gum/dental disease, for foreign objects, for bad odors, for sores on his tongue etc., and then call the vet. If he's an outdoor cat he could have become infected or injured and need attention for that. If he's older, some cats can get neurological disease and drool. A phone call doesn't cost, and the more you can tell them in terms of what his mouth and tongue look like, the more useful their advice will be. Good luck!
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    Thanks for the Link! I didn't think to google drooling cat!! I will check his mouth when I get home. Then give the vet a call.
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    Wow I live by Google and didn't think of it.