Centaurs Trampling??

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by susiestar, Nov 3, 2010.

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    That boy of mine has a completely unique view of the world!

    As he as husband were coming back from choir rehearsal at church tonight, thank you asks why the car has a "centaur light".

    Took husband a couple of minutes. Turns out the seat belt warning light looks like a centaur from thank you's perspective.

    Of COURSE husband told him it was so that he could avoid being crushed by stampeding centaurs.

    So thank you asks if husband has ever really been trampled by a centaur.

    "Not in this car, obviously. It has a centaur warning light. Duhhhh!"

    Just had to share this one. Only thank you and husband.

    Then they were discussing Viking explorers (social studies at school for thank you).

    Have YOU ever learned about the Viking who was really bad at carpentry?

    His name was Thor Thumb.

    (my husband and youngest child are the same age sometimes, lol!)
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    I like that one! I'll have to try it out on the kids.
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    OMG. Almost spit coffee at my monitor.

    Well... I'm glad the car has a centaur warning light...

    Has thank you seen Narnia lately?!
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    That's too funny.

    I have hope that my youngest will grow up and move away. I gave up on husband.
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    Nope. Not seen Narnia yet. The boy just thinks about centaurs. He read the narnia books 2 yrs ago so they are not ones he talks about much anymore.