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    I have to say I think I like this Pain Management Center. They are very strict but I dont mind strict because I have nothing to hide. They knew going in a am a psychiatric patient too and that I am on psychiatric medications and it isnt problem, in fact they are thrilled I have a psychiatric team already. My bipolar does throw a monkey wrench into treating me because of what medications can be used but the doctor seems to really take his time and use his brain thinking about what would really be helpful instead of just going down some list.

    He also listens to me which is nice.

    We are going to try methadone low dose now. Today is my first full day but so far I dont feel badly at all. Much better than the fentanyl!!! Next week I go in for the nerve block to diagnosis my low back pain. If that works they will do this radiofrequency thing to burn the nerves. Im a bit scared of all that but I can muster through. If I made it through that whole rehab thing, I can do anything.

    Im still kicking though...just not very high. If I can get this pain under control I think my mood will really come up. We went to see Keyana in her pageant last weekend and I was so sore I really couldnt enjoy it. She didnt win...though she did win Most Beautiful in her age We gave her flowers and brought her home and she was more thrilled with her flowers than her trophy. LMAO. I thought I was going to die on the two hour car ride home!
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    Personally, I think that's the most important thing in order for any dr or therapist to be able to help.

    I'd be afraid a radio-whatever burning nerve endings too but you are able to deal with a lot and get thru things that make me cringe!!

    I bet Keyena was a doll! Sorry to hear you couldn't enjoy it more.
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    I'm glad to read you are feeling optimistic Janet. Having people you trust makes all the difference. Hugs. DDD
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    Glad the doctor is listening to you!