Changing employment.


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My husband wants to change jobs. He can make more money from a temp agency then he can at his current job however they do not offer insurance.

I am afraid that if we loose insurance that when he does get a new job with insurance non of our medical bills will be covered because they would be pre-existing conditions.

Can someone esplain to me how that works or suggest a way to deal with this?


It varies from state to state. So you really need to get specific info for your state.

I did a quick search and came up with a couple of links for you to look at.

I think this answers your question about pre-existing conditions and has an 800 number to call. You need to also find out how much the COBRA premiums are from husband's employer. And asking the current insur co may be the only way.

This is the state plan if you qualify for it it might be a good option for you.