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    I am on hold with the other pediatrics/family medicine clinic in town. I just got off the phone with the referral nurse at my daughter's current pediatrician. Once again the pediatrician has proven to have less than an interest in my daughter's well being. Previously she sabotaged our relationship iwth the second neuro.

    Before speaking with the pediatrician, Dr. W, the neuro was gung-ho to do more testing and to figure out what it is. AFTER he spoke with Dr. W the neuro told us it was anxiety, 100% sure that it was 100% caused by anxiety was how he phrased it. He then told us he was "not interested" in treating it.

    NOW our ER visit produced a "prescription" for a 24 hour EEG. We CANNOT get it done because it requires a referral from a doctor. Insurance doesn't need one. But the hospital does. The forms from the ER say that the primary care doctor is supposed to do that.

    Primary care doctor has changed from working 4 days a week to working 2. She will NOT do ANYTHING the other 5 days a week and none of the other docs will fill in on referrals or anything else. If we get an appointment with one of the other docs they will give 7 days worth of medications and tell you to see her.

    It has taken 8 phone calls to schedule a well check for Jess. Still don't have an appointment because she is either "booked up" or "not scheduling that far out".

    I have been trying to get thank you in for an asthma check and can not get an appointment for that even. Last time they insisted that advair was the medication he needed, but they have NEVER tried any other medication. I do NOT want him on advair unless all other options have been tried. The doctor said I was "ridiculous" to worry about long term effects of advair even though if they had their way he would already have spent 7 YEARS on it. Many times I have tried to get it changed. I do not think it is "ridiculous" to worry about the side effects when DEATH is mentioned as a serious risk if you spend decades on a medication. I am the caretaker of this child. I do not have the right to run that kind of risk with his health. Not with-o trying everything else first. He was given to me for a short time, to care for, not to run stupid risks with his life. Just is NOT the purpose behind parenting, in my opinion.

    I have had it. I was planning to change docs after we got some of this worked out. Changing docs with a problem like that can be tough. We are doing it anyway.

    I WILL send a note to the head of the practice about this. We drop one heck of a whole lot of money at that practice. They may not miss us but they will know why we left.

    There is a relatively new pediatric/family practice in town. I have heard good things. We have appts there tomorrow for thank you and next Mon for Jess. BOTH will combine well checks and current problems. I have been trying for so long to get these scheduled. It was really nice to be able to just call and say "I need an appointment" and get in so quickly.

    I just wish I could take out an ad and tell everyone how horribly Dr. W has treated my daughter. Too much is enough, in my opinion.