Checking in, 1 week out of rehab

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by comatheart, Dec 22, 2013.

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    I thought I'd check in as its been a little while since I posted about my son. He's been out of rehab for a week now. He ended up staying there nearly 90 days, which is longer than they typically keep kids at this particular facility. We were pleased about that.

    So far so good. We've only had one night where i seriously questioned if he were already using again. He was up half the night, restless. He had been at an AA meeting that night and claims to have had 5 cups of coffee. Not sure. Due to his past, it's so hard to believe anything he says. Years of lies have left us little trust in him, but we are trying.

    He's attending the recovery school that I've previously posted about and says he really likes it. There are just 12 kids attending, so it's small and helps the staff keep them accountable. There is an LDAC counselor available to the kids at all times and he meets with him regularly. The school drug tests the kids randomly, at least 1x a week. So far, there have been no calls about him failing!

    He turned 18 yesterday, so from here on out his consequences will be more severe. We won't be holding anything back and should paraphernalia or drugs be found in our home again, we will no longer be protecting him from prosecution.

    *sigh* I feel like weve come SOOO far in the last 4 months of this journey. I couldn't have done it without this group.

    There are still so many mixed emotions and worries for his future but I'm just taking it one step, one day at a time. That's all I can do.

    Right now he's getting ready to go off to an AA meeting and I'm struggling because I know he needs to be there but I'm concerned about the way he behaved after the last one. Time will tell...

    One question, I slept so well while he was in rehab. The day he came home, the sleepless nights returned. I can't help but toss and turn all night with worry. Does that ever go away?!?
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    Hi! Glad to hear about you again and that things are going reasonably well. And that you were able to get him to that school and it seems to be working out for you. Hopefully things continue as well.

    As for sleep; for me it comes and goes. But I guess one gets used to it too.
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    I understand about the sleepless nights starting again. It is natural to be guarded about his progress outside of the program. It is one day at a time for those of us who live with a substance abuser. It is not just them that struggles with their sobriety.
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    You have come a very long way. I remember the day you came here, you have learned so much and have been focused and determined to get your son help. You have become a drug abuse and treatment expert and you will find over the coming years that you will be able to help others around you with your experience.

    I am so glad to hear he like the recovery school. It's so important for them to make friends with others in recovery and learn they are not alone and they can have sober fun. It's so hard on young people, they have not even earned the right to drink and now they are told they cannot even when that day comes.

    We too slept so well when our daughter was in treatment and when she came home the same old sleeping with one eye open started again. Once she moved out (and a lot happened in between) it became easier to sleep. I still worry abotu her but the further away she is from using drugs the more relaxed I become.

    Keep us posted. We are rooting for your son. Many other young people need his example.
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    Have a sleeping baby on me at the moment, but just wanted to let you know he could be telling the truth about the coffee - coffee and cigarettes go hand in hand at those meetings...

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