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    ...went to the vet on Tuesday. (No, not for THAT......yet.) Of course he had to add some drama in the mix first by getting away from husband before the leash could be attached. But...husband found him within a couple of hours and was able to drop him off at the vets before taking difficult child to his appointment.

    You'll all be happy to know that Chester now has all of his shots and is one of the healthiest dogs the vet has ever seen. I think we're going to get him chipped at some point as it wasn't even close to being as expensive as I thought. (Only $26). The vet also said he's a mix of Jack Russel and Rat Terrier and after seeing a website of the mix breed, I definately agree.

    No question....ol' Chester is a JackRat! LOL He also thinks that Chester is between 1 and 2 years old and weighs in at 18 lbs. He was a good boy according to the staff and didn't give them a bit of trouble with the shots and/or exam. He went on back with the vet tech willingly when husband dropped him off but was VERY excited to see him when husband picked him up. I guess he went running over and practically jumped into husband's arms. (Probably would have too if husband wasn't so tall)

    He's calmed down somewhat now that he's been here a month. He's still got boundless energy and will chew or try to eat anything that looks the least bit appetizing but he's settling in. He's also quite the bed hog for such a small dog. He HAS to be under the covers COMPLETELY and right up against you. husband said the other night Chester was plastered against me and pushing against him. Almost pushed husband off the bed as a matter of fact! LOL Now that he's calmed down a bit and gotten used to the neighborhood noises...he's quite the cuddler. He will sit on your lap, lean against you and sleep with his head on you.

    I am curious though. I've never had a small dog like this...I took him to the softball diamond the other night to see husband's team play. (husband didn't play...took the night off from class instead as he admitted to overdoing it. Imagine that.) It was warmish until the breeze kicked in but wasn't COLD...just a bit cool. After we were there for a while he started shaking but I don't know if it was from cold or nerves. He was a little skittish from the noise but nothing big...just new noises for him. But....whenever someone was at bat and made contact with the ball (they use aluminum bats) the noise made him jump. Every time. I'm kind of wondering about his background because he will flinch sometimes when you touch him and loud noises (like the bat) make him jump. Plus, when I first found him and he let me pet and talk to him, he literally chased me down the street barking when I drove off. He was quite clear that he wanted to go with me. many stray dogs will do that?

    Ok, so maybe that was a stupid question but you know what I mean, right? LOL

    Anyway, do any of you small dog owners have issues like this with your dogs? I'm thinking I'll have to get him a sweatshirt (no sweaters for Chester thank you very much!) for this winter otherwise he'll freeze his little berries off. (erm....well, he would if he still has them then. which he won't) The noises, I can't do too much about. He seemed to have a good time at the park until the game started so I don't know if it's from something in his past or if it's just him. Advice?
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    I have a rat terrier---well, let me clarify, a hairless rat terrier---She also is very sensitive to cold---well, she doesn't have any hair so that makes sense. She is a cuddler who loves to sleep right next to you under the cover. She is also very timid around new people and will run away from you if you try to catch her----and she is fasssssst. She is very sensitive to sound. She can hear a car pull up from the opposite end of the house with the tv on, the ac running, and the air cleaner (rainbow brand, which is loud) on.
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    I think he needs a sweatshirt... many short hair dogs do. As for the noise... he may not be abused but have sensitive hearing.
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    My small dog is named Chester. Good name;)

    And yes my Chester will shake and tremble if he is cold. He is a cocker spaniel, and when I get his fur shaved in the winter, he gets cold, and shakes.

    However, Chester's nerves are made of steel. He is amazing. Nothing phases him, not even a difficult child tantrum. However my bigger dog cowers at the slightest noise. Even the printer makes him hide. Some dogs are just wired that way. Who knows.

    I am glad that overall your Chester is doing great. Good luck!
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    My Buddy will not wear clothing at all. He doesn't seem to get cold, guess it's all that Jack Russell energy. He's also hyper-vigilant about noises and "unauthorized" things. When Miss KT had evening marching band practice, we would go early to pick her up and walk Bud around campus. He liked the music, singing along (howling) with the trumpets etc, but went nuts when the drums pounded and the flags started waving.
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    All I have to go on is Buster........the yorkie Heather took in when easy child didn't want him anymore. Buster got cold easily and would shake. But also shook from nerves. Sometimes it was hard to tell which. Loud noises scared the daylights out of him. (but he was a puppy too) And yes, sometimes when you went to pet him he'd flinch.

    I don't think Buster was mistreated at his breeder's home. She seemed very loving to the dogs as did her kids. I know he wasn't mistreated in easy child's home.......but he was scared to death of her husband. Never did figure out why, except maybe cuz he was so darn tall.

    Glad he's settling in ok.

    Oh, and about the strays not usually trying to get into the car or chasing you down the street........... Yeah. We've had several do it. My guess is they haven't been strays long. And dogs know a dog person when they see one. :)

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    My brother in law and sister in law have a chihuahua. He shakes when it's cold, and jumps at loud noises. She's never been mistreated.

    As for flinching, she practically jumps out of her skin when difficult child gets anywhere near her, but seems to react well to everyone else. I think it's because difficult child is a 6 ft 3 man who still thinks he's the size of a 5 year old. He'll loom at her and talk weird baby talk which, frankly, makes ME flinch. I can understand how a tiny dog would react badly.
  8. Star*

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    AH HA!!!!!!!!!

    I belive I said JACK RUSSELL thank you very much..........

    Pootie sends her little hugs and kisses for the "Wounded" boy who had to go to the doctors yesterday.
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    You are definitely hooked and attached. I'm very glad he's adjusting to his new home.

    Keep taking him to the games. Maybe that will get him to adjust to loud noises.....especially if you stay calm and pet him and keep him close.

    Terrier dogs, in my opinion, are very territorial dogs. Mine is fine with anyone and any animal outside the home, but intro another animal to our house or property and she goes bonkers. (one of the reasons that I'm still hesitant about getting another dog). Since you already have animals, hopefully, he'll adjust better. My friend had a Russel and it used to kill her sheep. They are interesting dogs, for sure. Once you have him neutered, he should calm down quite a bit.
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    And I said he looked like a feist which is in the rat terrier family!

    My little dog can be shaky sometimes but not often. Of course he has tons of fur!

    We just got a new puppy ourselves. A new grandpuppy...sigh. His name is Rusty. Cory got him and cant have a dog where he lives so he decided to board him with us...argh! Of course, I cant say no to puppy eyes and puppy breath.
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    Yeah, yeah Star. You're quite the (near) genius aren't you? (Written down that number yet? LOL)

    Yes, we're all, husband, Cloe, difficult child and Chester. We seem to have been hoovered in quickly by the charmer that is Chester. He's a keeper.
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    Jack Russells are the best! I love my Buddy!
  13. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful


    Did you say a new grandpuppy?? What kind? And when can we see a picture?

    I've got to live vicariously thru you all so I don't go out and adopt one myself. lol :)
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    He could have been trembling from excitement and nervousness but dogs get cold too! I've spent the last week having this ongoing friendly argument with my sister in law who is very firmly in the "no clothes on dogs" camp. But Bostons are notorious for being cold natured and my girls have a whole assortment of T-shirts, sweaters and coats. They have very short hair and don't have that fuzzy undercoat to their fur like some other breeds do and their underside is almost bald so they get cold very easily. You can find all kinds of cute dog clothes online, including little hoodie sweatshirts that look really cute on them!
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    My new grandpuppy is mostly Pit. He has something else in him because his tail curls around. He is red and white is splotches. in what they call the red type of pitbull. Its really this rusty tan color. I call him Rusty after Rusty Wallace the Nascar I told Cory if he was bringing him to my house, I got to name him. He would have gone with some stupid name like King or Bruiser or who knows what. He had a dog named Gangster Actually that name really fit that dog.

    Right now Rusty is on a chain but Cory is gonna buy some chain link fencing and build him a kennel. I just cant do the whole house breaking and walking thing on a dog that big. I also cant completely trust this dog when he gets full grown with my little Buddy. Buddy would only be a chew toy for him. Right now they get along great but we have to face the fact that pits are pits. Wonderful dogs but I wouldnt leave a 6 pound dog alone with him for a minute full grown. He is hilarous right now with Buddy...Buddy is faster than him and he is like a clumsy kid. Buddy runs around the cars and Rusty chases him and loses