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    I just received Summons to appear in court next Mon. with my difficult child as the GAL filed to determine him a child in need of services because he is a threat to himsef. At the same time, it appears she is still pursuing a residential treatment center in lieu of the inpatient evaluation I have wanted. But, by now she could be pursuing foster care, I guess I won't find out until court. The lady from social services hasn't returned my or my attny's phone calls in over a week, so that doesn't look good.

    Has anyone been thru this? Do you know what I can expect from this point?
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    Im sorry Klmno.

    I would think that if they are saying that if he is a threat to himself then he would need to have a psychiatric evaluation done to corroborate these findings. A Residential Treatment Center (RTC) may be the correct placement for him at this time. I dont know. Hopefully they can get him the help he needs.
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    Klmno...I was doing a bit of research and I came upon this site and because it was from VA I thought it may be of some interest to you.

    I dont know if you have read it before or not. It does talk about how they believe that using therapeutic foster homes are better than residential treatment centers though so I thought you might be interested.
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    I'm sorry to hear of this latest development for your difficult child. Keeping all body parts crossed that you can resolve this quickly.
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    I am thinking of you klmno - I can't imagine how hard this is for you. I will be sending positive thoughts your way on court day.
    Hang in there.
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    Oh hun. I'm so sorry. How overwhelming.

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    I would call her supervisor and keep track of the date and time you called. Has your lawyer asked the judge to order an evaluation.?
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    Yes, I have been through this. Has he ever been evaluated? I am wondering what she is basing her placement decisions on--is it what is easy for her department or what he really needs? Calling her supervisor will undoubtedly make her upset with you, but she will know you mean business. Only you can decide if you want to risk it. Your lawyer should let the judge know how many times you tried to call her or maybe the lawyer could call the supervisor--take it off your shoulders.
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    Shortly after I wrote this I got a call from the lady at social services. She said it was the GAL's position that my difficult child go to an Residential Treatment Center (RTC), but that she wasn't trying to achieve that. I told her what steps I was taking to get things in place for my difficult child but that I couldn't find a way to get an evaluation done sooner that a few months from now, and if he could come home that I would accept and be grateful for whatever help that would provide until effective treatment was in place. Also, I think the sd, mental health dept., and juvenile detention has failed him a lot more than me so I did resent anyone thinking that this county could take better care of him than I could. She said she wants to meet with me and GAL Thurs. afternoon to discuss what services can be in place so he can come home. Should I believe he'll really come home now?

    Then, she proceeds to tell me that my brother has been calling everyone all over the county trying to get custody of difficult child. So, I call my mom and find she's been telling my bro. everything I'm telling her. so much for family. we all live in different states and my bro. has always wanted custody because he's gay and will never have kids of his own any other way. he's not my mom's natural child and didn't live with us after he turned 8 yo, but she's always favored him and sold me out, so i'm not surprised. I just don't see why that can't get that it would have been better for difficult child to have everyone pull together instead of trying to bust things up more.
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    OMG! I can't believe your brother is doing this!!!!!!! No wonder you are having trouble convincing the state that you are suitable enough to take him back into your home! Your brother is completely undermining you! And your mother? OMG! I am SO sorry! I hope your lawyer knows all of this, and can somehow mandate that your brother remain quiet for the rest of this trial.
    I am so glad there is a ray of sunshine on the horizon with GAL wanting to set up a meeting with you. That sounds very encouraging! Keep us posted.......
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    The lady from social services had told me that she would have to call my brother back and tell him his legal rights regarding filing for custody but that she would not be divulging any personal info about my son's case because that is confidential.

    I just got off the phone with mt Mom, who said my brother had received a call from the lady at social services. She says my brother said the woman said my difficult child would either stay in detention, go to psychiatric hospital (they had told me Residential Treatment Center (RTC), not hospital), foster care, or home. Unless, the family could work things out together, or unless a family member filed for custody. And, that she wanted to call my mom but didn't have her number. And he's got my mom convinced that if difficult child goes into foster care, she'll never see him again.

    Now, this isn't quite adding up to me because the soc. services lady told me that the only time they go to another family member to look for placement is if the child is being neglected or abused at home, which she knew wasn't the case here, because it would be preferable than being placed in a stranger's home. And, she said the GAL wanted a Residential Treatment Center (RTC) placement, but if comp evaluation for legal charges came back as being comp., he might have to do more time in detention. Also, she said she was looking into options for keeping him at home with county services and wanted to meet on Thurs. with me and GAL to discuss that. Now, that's not quite what my brother told my mom. And, if social services wanted my mom's phone number, wouldn't they have asked me for it?

    So, who is lying? When CHINS is initiated because of the difficult child needing services for being a threat to his own well-being, would they call up an uncle out of state to discuss these things?
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    klmno...I wouldnt listen to much of what your mother and brother are telling you as being truthful. Number you remember that old game of Telephone? Its where one person whispers something into the first persons ear and they whisper it on down the line? At the end it is never what started out.

    I can give you my opinion of what I think is going on in your case but that would be just exactly opinion. I have no personal information or way to gain access to real information. From reading that link I put up above it and the experience I have with dealing with years of difficult child sounds to me like what is going to happen is that social services is going to request that your son be released back to you with intensive home services. They may ask that they retain "custody" of him for a certain period of time to make sure that everything is being followed...or they may not. The CHINS petition may fall completely on him and provide you with services to open doors that you could not access on your own. Sometimes that is necessary.

    Like I told someone else on another thread, when these kids have complex and severe mental health problems they need serious interventions. They can be served if you can fight your way to find the services that are there to help them. The problem is those services can be buried in bureaucracy. I had to knock on so many doors I had bleeding knuckles.
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    I'm sorry to hear all that is going on for you and your son. I have been through the CHINS but my case is different as I filed the CHINS both times and I actually was the one to ask for out of home placement. Good luck and I'll be thinking about you...
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    I woke up in major panic this morning- would they place difficult child out of state with uncle who's never had or raised a child prior to placing back in home with services? or prior to placement in a foster home or Residential Treatment Center (RTC)? why would they they not try placement in home with services first?
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    They would not do that. Legally they would have to prove that you are an unfit mother first, and then, and only then, could they give custody to someone else. I think your brother is, once again, lying and I think I would remain mute to your family from this point forward - they sound sick.

    Take a deep breath, and try to relax. You meet with GAL tomorrow? That should make you feel better.
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    Thanks so much! I was finally able to find a counselor to schedule an appointment with for difficult child where we didn't have to wait 2 mos. to start. We have an appointment next week!! I hope I don't have to cancel it.

    The lady from social services hasn't called me yet to set the time for that meeting. I have a phone call scheduled this afternoon with another attorney- I just want a little more legal advice. Have appointment. with psychiatrist later today and I'm going to ask if he'll write a letter stating his recommendation but I'm afraid he won't because I'd have to have it by end of day Friday and he's not crazy about having to return a phone call, so I know he's not going to want to do this.

    Janet, I read the link on treatment of conduct disorder in VA; thank you! I might be printing that out for some people!
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    I had hoped it would help you Klmno because it obviously stated how they felt treatment was beneficial in placement OTHER than Residential Treatment Center (RTC).

    It gave realistic steps on how to achieve treatment and it was from their very own guidelines so they should know how to access this. LOL. Granted its a few years old but hopefully services have only gotten better.

    Again I want to state I am not saying YOUR child is CD but you are dealing with the juvenile system and this information was from the juvenile justice system.